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At Refactored, we believe an agency can be a powerful accelerator for your internal marketing team. We focus on enhancing your effectiveness. All without ego

We’re smart, nimble, and leverage even the smallest details to spur marketing momentum—so that you can generate the results that matter to you and your business.
Every team has a starting point and a vision for where they want to be. We help you sustain progress toward your goals and achieve greater marketing impact over time.
We provide the outside perspective, strategic guidance, and experience to elevate your internal practice, craft a strategy, sell it to your stakeholders, and meet your objectives.

You need help. We’re here for you. Let’s get going.

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A Team with a Central Vision:

Serving Our Customers

Dedicated to transparency and trust, Refactored delivers a different kind of agency experience—one that’s focused on true partnership.

Leadership Built on Success

With nearly half a century of combined experience in agency marketing, our founders are nationally recognized leaders in progressive marketing techniques. Rob and Kile have collaborated on hundreds of projects over the past 20 years and enjoy helping clients achieve their goals.

Rob Bean

Rob Bean

Partner, Marketing Strategist

Rob’s specialty is developing digital standouts—one relationship at a time. For more than two decades, Rob has helped global B2B organizations build their marketing practices to drive business growth.

“Today, effective marketing requires that you know what differentiates your brand and tell a relevant story that motivates prospects to action. I’m passionate about helping our clients build experiences that engage customers with their brand. My objective in every engagement is to find the appropriate balance of message and technique while applying the right mix of strategy, creativity, and technology to achieve the results our clients seek. Let’s create something great together.”

Kile Lindgren

Kile Lindgren

Partner, Solutions Architect

Kile helps businesses build sustainable momentum by constructing scalable technology solutions to meet the unique objectives of B2B organizations.

“My main objective is to ensure that behind-the-scenes solutions for clients are built with integrity, scalability, usability, and security in mind. Over my two-decade career, I have developed hundreds of extremely high-functioning websites and marketing programs, bringing our clients’ objectives to life through expertise with Storyblok, Kentico Xperience, Sitefinity, and other CMS and marketing automation solutions. I’m a passionate and curious consumer of new technology, which enables me to find creative approaches to achieve the ambitious results our clients demand. Let’s build something that moves your business forward.”

Strategic Account Services

Our dedicated, seasoned marketing experts facilitate effective partnerships with your team. They bring a holistic view that enables us to build the solutions you really need to support your vision.

Alexis Gradishar

Director of Growth & Client Success

Alexis combines growth-oriented ingenuity with extensive marketing expertise to empower clients to move through challenges—and toward innovative solutions.

“Listening is a learned skill. It requires practice, empathy, and an intuitive understanding of strengths and vulnerabilities. When we work together, I’m listening for more than information. I’m listening for the intelligence and capabilities your team brings to the complex challenge at hand. My aim is to successfully blend your industry experience with our advanced strategic and technological expertise into a program that accelerates objectives. I set the stage for the highest quality, value, and service our team has to offer. Let’s begin a true partnership focused on achieving your immediate goals and building sustainable momentum."

Alicia Beard

Senior Account Strategist

Alicia builds momentum for businesses through detailed collaboration, strategic planning, and an enthusiasm for creative problem solving to enhance marketing efforts and customer experiences.

“You have a vision of where your marketing strategy needs to go but are unsure of the steps it takes to actually get there. That’s where the Refactored partnership and my expertise come in to assist, from ideation and creation to implementation and refinement. My passion is to pull from my diverse background and work cross-functionally with teams to develop strategies and tactics that not only elevate your marketing program and customer experience but ultimately help to transform your business. Drawing on more than 15 years of storytelling, digital communication, and account management, I differentiate brands through creativity and innovation. Let’s collaborate to make your brand thrive.”

Matt Fiore

Senior Account Strategist

Matt excels in transforming the problems and objectives of businesses into well-defined strategies that lead to clarity, growth, and momentum.

“Having a strong advocate in your corner on the agency side is what makes your life easier—and that’s what I strive to do every day. From helping you concept and think through UX and marketing strategy to leading cross-functional teams through the design and development process, I’ll help you establish a collaborative working environment. We’ll synthesize your goals with the right strategic and tactical solutions to ensure we’re engaging your customer. With over fourteen years of experience across digital marketing disciplines, I have developed a passion for helping organizations merge their business objectives with customer objectives to deliver digital experiences that get results. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.”

Levi Moe

Levi Moe

Senior Account Strategist

Through purposeful dialogues, effective communications, and strategic marketing planning, Levi leverages his diversified expertise to build sustainable momentum for your organization.

“I've been in your shoes. From owning my own business to managing multi-million-dollar media budgets, I have engaged with dozens of marketing and design agencies. I intimately understand budgets, deadlines, and priorities—and how they all impact your bottom line. At Refactored, I leverage this insider knowledge as I guide our senior-level team of developers, art directors, and content architects on your projects. I’m ready to lead the charge on your next project—whether you need to refresh your brand, rebuild or optimize your website to maximize its effectiveness, design new cutting-edge product packaging, develop exciting ways to engage your customers, or something more. Let's discover how you want to evolve.”

Stephanie Weijers

Senior Digital Project Manager

Highly adept across digital marketing and technical B2B website projects, Stephanie takes a holistic and close relationship-based approach to project management, ensuring clients reach their business goals efficiently.

“The most successful digital projects place business needs and empathetic relationships at the forefront. For 12 years, I’ve enjoyed integrating business objectives into strategic, detailed plans that establish a clear roadmap to impressive results. At Refactored, I draw from deep experience spanning multiple industries and specialized knowledge in areas such as CMS development, SEO, HIPAA compliance, and analytics to benefit your digital initiatives. My creative problem solving, zeal for learning, and ability to quickly decipher technical jargon are reasons why clients trust me to solve their complex B2B challenges. Let’s tackle your pressing digital projects with unmatched efficiency and precision.”

Caroline Vacante

Caroline Vacante

Digital Project Manager

With an intuitive knack for order and timing, Caroline choreographs our teams to ensure efficient workflows and exceptional outcomes.

“I’ve always been an organizer, so I naturally gravitated to project management. I revel in creating systems that ensure your projects keep moving. As the critical link into our teams and processes, I ensure clear communication and transparency, so you can always be confident of our commitment to your success. Let’s build momentum for your initiatives.”

Content Strategy and Brand Writing

Our content team goes beyond copywriting; they are the keepers of your voice and your story. They support every element of your content program—from brand messaging to editorial planning and development, campaigns to customer care.

Dawn Cyr

Dawn Cyr

Content Strategist | Creator

Dawn specializes in transforming complex, technical subject matter into relevant, actionable information that engages customers through their full lifecycle.

“Every company has a story—and more now than ever, organizations need to be able to engage prospects and customers in a way that makes them part of that story. Taking a customer-centric approach means helping people identify their needs, learn about solutions, and see a clear path forward. Through well-crafted, relevant, integrated content programs, we invite conversions, conversations, and decisions that benefit you and your customer. Let’s bring your brand story to life.”

Austin Schempp

Austin Schempp

Senior Creative Content Writer

A passionate storyteller, Austin strives to make a tangible impact on clients and their business goals by representing them authentically.

“Content marketing is competitive. You need to capture your audience’s limited attention, provide valuable information, and drive them to act. That’s where I can help. My journalism and marketing background has helped me uncover what differentiates a company from others. I am passionate about discovering an organization’s distinguishing features and producing content that highlights them. Let’s create quality content together.”

Brand and Creative Design

The Refactored design team understands that your visual identity unifies your message and anchors your brand. We support comprehensive visual design efforts, including brand standards, packaging, digital campaigns, and collateral.

Jon Aguilera

Creative Director

For more than two decades, Jon has lived his dream job, elevating his clients’ creative voice so they can make a positive difference in their customer’s lives and in the world.

“During my career, I’ve seen a dramatic shift in the accessibility of creative technologies that leads many organizations to adapt a DIY approach to branding and design. I strongly believe that a team of seasoned creative professionals—dedicated to high-level strategy and design—enables businesses to focus on their internal strengths. A creative partner’s mission is to produce tangible results for you. They embody your brand, support your message, and capture your audience’s imagination and emotions—crafting the competitive edge that will set you apart. My passion thrives in weaving a rich tapestry of design, strategy, brand development, messaging, and marketing experience. Let’s produce beautiful, effective communication that resonates with your audience and elevates your story to make positive change.”

Torrie Wolfe

Torrie Wolf

Art Director & UX/UI Lead

Torrie builds brands for the digital age, leveraging her analytical prowess to create a unified brand and user experience that delivers a powerful impact. 

“My passion lies in simplifying complex problems through beautiful and intuitive designs. As a brand designer with a core focus in UX/UI, web, and product design, I blend design thinking, data-driven research, and user experience strategy. With that combination, I can envision many ways to create designs that make an impact. But my mission is to find the best alignment of your brand identity, business objectives, stakeholder requirements, and user needs. The result is a tailored digital experience that harmoniously meets customer expectations, guides richer conversations, and builds trust. Let’s collaborate on a great design.”

Technical Development

Refactored knows that your technologies need to do more than just work; they need to work for you. We support all forms of development, integrations, and support—from websites to custom applications to marketing automation programs.

Tim Charlesworth

Tim Charlesworth

Web Developer

Adept in a multitude of programming languages and frameworks, Tim develops technological solutions distinguished by their quality and efficiency.

“A properly functioning website is critical for converting visitors to clients and customers. I have spent time learning many programming languages and frameworks including C#, Ruby, Angular, and React. Staying sharp and up to date enables me to construct fast and responsive websites with the Refactored team. My goal is to use strategic and effective code practices to deliver quality technological solutions for every project. Let's turn your website from a dream to a centerpiece in today’s online world.”

Spencer Flores

Spencer Flores

Web Developer

A lifelong learner of new technology, Spencer is a self-starting programmer with well-rounded strengths that you can rely on.

“There are many ways to create a website or online presence these days. With shifting technologies, it can be difficult to find a perfect solution that solves all your online needs. With my experience as a developer, I can help bridge that gap and deliver a custom solution that works for you. I’m passionate about finding solutions that work without breaking the bank. I am constantly pushing myself to not only keep up with technology changes but also bring them to you. Let’s build something together.”

Brady Blair

Web Developer

Brady uses his affinity for finding connections to create coding solutions and systems that improve efficiencies for developers and site users alike.

"I really enjoy creating good systems. It’s great to see a polished-looking new website. But since I also see the back end of that site, I know how important it is to build order and efficiency into those systems. It’s not about building new hoops for users to jump through; it’s about making those hoops easy and natural for them so that their jobs are actually easier. I’ll work through multiple iterations of a process to ensure that the solution we deliver meets your specific needs. That makes your site visitors, developers, and business users happy. Let’s work together to find that sweet spot."

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