Search Engine Optimization

Increase qualified organic traffic to your site while lowering the cost of paid media spend.

Increase Website Gravity with Purposeful, Data-Driven SEO

Until recently, it was common for people to think of Search Engine Optimization as a simple shotgun approach—just add keywords until you see growth.

But today’s search engine algorithms take a more intelligent approach—and it’s essential that your SEO program is guided by data-driven strategy.

Our holistic approach integrates technical performance, buyer journey knowledge, competitor research, keyword optimization, and content optimization—all focused on improving site traffic, supporting your marketing and sales initiatives, and increasing conversions.

A successful SEO strategy employs an integrated mix of tactics.

  • SEO audits

  • SEO strategy

  • Technical SEO & site speed tuning

  • Keyword research & performance analysis

  • Migration consulting

  • On-page keyword optimization

  • Content pillars

  • SEO & site performance reporting

Satisfy Search Intent and Maximize Engagement

Drive highly qualified, organic traffic.

Organic traffic converts at a higher rate than paid media traffic. Over time, as your SEO effectiveness goes up, your need to rely on paid ads goes down—and so do your overall costs.

Outrank Your Competitors in SERPs

Optimize your site pages, build a strong linking strategy, and create valuable content aligned with user intent to increase site gravity. We help you take advantage of SEO best practices and algorithm updates.

Make It Easier for Leads and Customers to Find You

Fine-tuning your keyword strategy does more than just improve your website's visibility on search engines. You'll also drive more highly qualified traffic to your website.

Increase Online Visibility for Key Products and Services

Optimizing search terms for your branded products and services can improve their online visibility, increase brand recognition, and encourage customers to become brand advocates—powering sales and revenue.

Become a Known Industry Thought Leader

By pairing SEO-driven keywords with your unique expertise and perspective, you can establish yourself as a go-to resource, increasing your credibility and authority—and attracting more leads and customers.

What Does an SEO Agency Do?

An integrated SEO program is one of the most cost-effective methods for increasing organic site traffic and improving customer engagement, conversions, and ultimately, sales wins. When you choose a full-service SEO agency, you can expect a program that’s strategic, cohesive, and professionally managed.


We start with an SEO audit, including deep dives into your site, your audience, and your competitors. Those learnings inform our strategic recommendations. We outline your best opportunities and lay out a plan for how to accomplish your site and business goals.

Build a keyword strategy

Next, we hone a keyword strategy that prioritizes your unique services, products, and value to help you gain ground—and a competitive advantage. We recommend easy updates that can deliver some initial quick wins as well as long-term strategies that will enhance your online presence over time.

Tackle the technical

Frequently, online visibility can be quickly and dramatically improved by implementing technical improvements that boost site speed and performance issues. We keep an eye on technical SEO throughout our engagement with you.

Match searchers’ intent

Great SEO isn’t just about capturing search queries with keywords; it’s about getting your target audience to the information they really need. We develop methodical site- and page-level optimizations that capture SERPs and featured snippets, elevate rankings, and demonstrate relevance.

Build rich, authoritative content

With your ideal target audience firmly in mind, we help you increase your site’s authority and keyword gravity by developing optimized, rich content through consistent blogging, informative long-form content, and detailed content pillars that pack a keyword punch.

Leverage transparency and data intelligence

A strategic approach to SEO means ROI isn’t a guessing game. We ensure full transparency into your program’s performance through monthly reporting. You can see your progress over time and demonstrate value to stakeholders across your organization.

Systematically and continually optimize

Leveraging the insights from our regular tracking and reporting, we implement ongoing SEO optimizations—including technical refinements, content improvements, and optimizations of meta data, schema, and page content.

Greg Matranga

“In our first year with Refactored, they created an integrated SEO program as part of the launch of our new website. In the first 4 months, unique organic sessions increased 21.17%—pretty impressive right out of the gate. With Refactored’s ongoing management and optimized content, we saw consistent improvements month after month. In that first year, we were able to reduce our paid spend by 56% while still increasing conversions 34%. That savings added up to over half a million dollars—more than justifying our investment in content and SEO.”

— Greg Matranga, Vice President of Global Marketing, InfinityQS

Supercharge SEO

Discover how you can make the most of your existing website assets—and where you have opportunities to improve over time.

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