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Because buyers in today’s marketplace expect to do their own research before talking to sales, marketing organizations that are using “tried and true” tactics may find that those methods no longer work.

That was the case for InfinityQS, a respected, leading provider of software and services to global manufacturers. The company took bold steps to modernize its marketing and support a vision for its future.

"We must meet buyers where they are, not where we’d like them to be.‚Äč I quickly realized that traditional tactics wouldn’t get us where we wanted—and needed—to be. We needed to prioritize the modernization of the company’s marketing approach, a strategy that has reaped big rewards for us.”


Greg Matranga

Director of Marketing, InfinityQS


In our eBook Empower Your Marketing Evolution, you’ll read about the steps InfinityQS took and the dramatic results they got, including:

  • 60% increase in organic site traffic
  • 126% increase in site visits
  • 27% increase in site conversions
  • 4x increase in qualified enterprise prospects
  • 30% increase in gross sales

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