A Full-Service B2B Marketing Agency for Technical and Complex Industries

Deep industry knowledge leads to better outcomes.

Want to spend less time onboarding your agency and more time generating results?

When you have a technical or complex B2B offering, you already face an uphill marketing battle:

  • Creating multi-layered programs

  • Targeting multi-stakeholder buyer teams

  • Supporting multi-month (or multi-year) sales cycles

When the stakes are high, you don’t have time for piecemeal projects. You need to maintain continuous momentum across audiences, channels, and media.

Finally, an agency that actually understands what you do.

Refactored specializes in creating comprehensive, integrated, ongoing marketing strategies for complex industries—just like yours.

Complex offerings? Extended sale cycle? Multiple decision makers?

We’ve been there.

Whether you’re building software for the cloud, advancing a scientific or technology innovation, or building a future for your professional community, we’re ready to bring your unique story to life.

Software and Security

Build a better buyer journey to lower the cost of customer acquisition and retention.


Member-Based Organizations

Build an association experience that grows, delights, and retains membership.


Industrial and Agriculture

Support brand awareness and customer loyalty to enhance lifetime value.


Life Sciences and Emerging Technologies

Build vision for product adoption and company growth.


Reduce time to market for your marketing initiatives

Not every agency has experience in industries like yours. Odds are, we do.

When you leverage the experience of a marketing agency that already understands your industry, you reduce your time to value, effort, and costs—upfront and over time.

Refactored teams are experts with decades of experience delivering successful marketing for complex B2B organizations like yours.

Trusted by major brands

Discover how much easier it is to work with a partner who already gets what you do.

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“Refactored has been able to do more for us in 2 months than our other partners were able to do in a year. Their pragmatic approach, responsiveness to our requests, and guidance on marketing strategy has made them an invaluable resource for Investments & Wealth Institute.”

— Jamie Lewis, Director of Business Application Solutions, Investments & Wealth Institute


Clarify Your Buyer Journey to Simplify Decision Making

In complex industries, the path from prospect to customer is never a straight line.

Your prospects' motives for choosing your offering are often complicated. A decision frequently involves a team of stakeholders, all with their own agendas, who are:

  • Evaluating your offerings over an extended timeframe

  • Connecting across multiple channels

  • Shifting priorities as they progress through the decision process

For organizations like yours, success is not measured in clicks.

Refactored removes the burden of sustaining engagement. We are ready to take the long view—collaborating with your team to ensure your programs adapt, progress—and deliver results.

Tell Us About Your Engagement Needs

Influence Brand Loyalty

Get better results with marketing that speaks authentically to your target audiences.

You are experts in your field. Nobody knows your industry better than you—except, sometimes, your customers.

Your audience can distinguish superficial marketing from meaningful, relevant connections. They speak your language—and so do we.

Build trust with marketing that demonstrates your unique value.

At Refactored, we start with an understanding of your industry. Then, we leverage your specific expertise to help you stand out from your competitors.

That’s the winning combination that keeps your momentum strong over time.

Our Work Helps You Realize Results That Matter

“Refactored was great at listening and interpreting what we needed and how we worked as an organization to create custom solutions. They didn’t put us into a cookie-cutter option.”

— Melanie Mosley, CEO at Light Dynamics (Project Lead for NSBE)

Where Do We Start?

We love helping B2B and member-based organizations bring their stories to life.

And we’d love to hear from you and learn about your needs and goals.

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