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Build vision for product adoption and company growth.

To bring revolutionary ideas to life, you must cut through the technological jargon—and speak directly to the promise of your solutions.

Over more than two decades, the experts at Refactored have helped life science and technology innovators engage their complex audiences, conveying their vision of an evolving solution that will deliver long-term value to humanity.

Developing a Vision That Drives Awareness, Leads, and Financial Support

Today's life science and technology marketing leaders are navigating an increasingly complex landscape. Startup companies often need help positioning and explaining the benefits that their technology will bring to the market. In addition, they need support for aggressive hiring and capital acquisition. Later-stage companies need help with product sales, public relations, and customer or distribution expansion.

You need a partner who understands your unique vision and value.

Raise Your Profile

Build your online presence by leveraging digital best practices—and best-of-breed tools:

  • Integrate marketing automation, CMS, and CRM tools

  • Optimize online and onsite user experiences

  • Employ cross-channel digital marketing to meet your audience where they are

  • Balance paid, owned, and earned marketing efforts

  • Align your efforts through consistent, customer-centric messaging

Raise Awareness

Share your vision by offering resources that tell your compelling story:

  • Content that educates, informs, and motivates

  • Digital campaigns aligned with customer needs

  • Cohesive storytelling across touchpoints

  • Relevant, contextual information from subject matter experts

  • Nurture programs that sustain engagement

Raise Funding

Demonstrate your solution’s potential to your ideal, targeted audience:

  • Understand market, investor, and end customer dynamics

  • Focus lead generation on quality—not quantity

  • Track marketing effectiveness

  • Understand engagement with nurtures and content

  • Refine programs based on data

“We felt that Refactored had the capacity to do what was needed to meet the needs of our project—and they came through. Communication throughout the project was excellent. Their pace and precision were a good fit for our team. They had a highly structured approach where all actions were backed up and well supported. Refactored managed expectations the whole time and we knew where we were. It was a very detailed process, which our team of authorities and experts greatly appreciated.”

—Chris Wallner, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Outsiders

Meet the Demands of a Challenging and Dynamic Environment—with Confidence

Marketing the promise of emerging technologies is always an exciting and complex proposition. Innovators in life sciences and technologies must keep pace with competitors—and keep the attention of potential investors—in a dynamic and fast-moving landscape.

In our free ebook, you’ll discover a practical approach to managing change, solving complex problems, and containing costs.

See how an integrated strategy enables organizations to:

  • Tell a better story: Communicate your value to all audiences.

  • Build a better site: Create an integrated hub to empower member engagement.

  • Generate greater demand: Build awareness, educate prospects, and enable conversions.

Refactored can help you map a path forward.

We’re Committed to Supporting your Mission—Without Ego

We do what we do to ensure your success.

When you look at our work, you’ll notice something important:

We tend to have long-term relationships with our clients.

That’s because we deliver a different kind of agency experience—one that focuses on true partnership to build and sustain momentum.

We Work Strategically

We develop and execute strategies based on deep industry understanding, audience research and insights, and recognition of the right channels and technologies to accomplish your goals.

We’re Results-Focused

We’re smart, we’re nimble, and we’re excited to confront complicated marketing challenges. Plus, we’re experts at leveraging the smallest details into some of the biggest gains.

We’re Dedicated to Transparency

We build relationships with your team so we can deliver superior work that consistently adds value year over year. Establishing deep trust enables us to elevate our clients’ marketing in unprecedented ways.

A Trusted Partner for Leading Science and Technology Organizations

Refactored is currently helping organizations like these—and many more—create engaging experiences that align brand, purpose, and the motivations of their target audience.

Where Do We Start?

We love helping B2B and member-based organizations bring their stories to life.

And we’d love to hear from you and learn about your needs and goals.

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