A Timeworn Website 

For over 50 years, the Petersen Asphalt Research Conference (PARC) has been bringing together top researchers, highway officials, suppliers, producers, and other industry top minds who are working to advance the specification and performance of asphalt/bitumen. As with many time-honored fellowships, PARC’s existing website was beginning to show its age. Though functional, the site left much to be desired in readability, speed, and back-end efficiency. Core activities like abstract submissions, sponsorship coordination, and event registration were cumbersome for conference administrators.  

The Repaving Project 

Like a potholed county road in need of repaving, it was time for PARC to modernize their website. The conference coordinators leaned on Refactored’s expertise in recommending the right technology solutions for their express needs. The natural choice was Storyblok, a headless content management system with a flexible and intuitive platform. As a Storyblok certified partner, we configured the new ecommerce site to streamline previous inefficiencies and integrate with Stripe, their payment processing solution.  

Smooth Roads Ahead 

The Storyblok ecommerce site boasts rocket speed, a modern design, and an easy-to-use interface for site editors—no developers required. Refactored also performed deeper integration work for form submissions and other key functions so that the PARC team can easily add agendas or abstracts as needed. The conference stakeholders are benefiting from an economical, streamlined website perfectly tailored to their needs. Event attendees and sponsors now enjoy a sleek user experience so they can focus on providing safer, longer-lasting highways throughout the world.  

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