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A primary goal of Rio Tinto’s U.S. Borax Agriculture website is to help growers and agronomists benefit from the company’s decades of expertise about boron deficiency, its effect on various crops, and the value of refined borate supplementation. Yet with content encapsulated in scientific papers and PDFs, and no method for creating or posting new content on a regular basis, customers had difficulty knowing where to find the information that mattered to them. The company was ready to help its customers connect to the expertise of its world-class agriculture experts.


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Activated Expertise

We brought Rio Tinto’s expert—and human—voice front and center by creating a specific page for the U.S. Borax Agriculture blog and adding it to the top-level site navigation bar. We categorized existing articles and built out an editorial calendar that considered the site’s diverse audience: growers, agronomists, crop consultants, distributors, and wholesalers. To help establish industry expertise and leadership, educate consumers, and create an immediate connection, we generated a year’s worth of posts and added a visual call to action promoting newsletter signup. We also focused on what matters most: the growers who benefit from refined borates.

Prime Positioning

Targeted content and rich storytelling help to position U.S. Borax as a global expert on the effects of boron on crop health—and the best source for boron fertilizers.


Targeted Storytelling

The new blog page is an important aspect of the rich storytelling that permeates the redesigned site and helps to provide a human face for U.S. Borax. Now, visitors can easily find targeted content from real-life experts, whose photos and bios are included on the site. Videos and visuals make posts more accessible, and categorization of content makes navigation more intuitive. With an overall pageview increase of 255% for the Agriculture site and an average time-on-site increase of 9.3%, the approach is already garnering benefits for U.S. Borax and Rio Tinto.

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