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Rio Tinto's U.S. Borax division supplies a third of the world’s refined borates, which are essential nutrients for crops. Although this market share positions the company as a global presence, the U.S. Borax Agriculture website offered little visibility for sales and distributors, especially those outside of the United States. The only contact information was for corporate headquarters. Resources and product information were hidden in static PDFs. And consumers had no obvious way to evaluate the value of high-quality U.S. Borax products against cheaper competitors.



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Beginning with a substantial library of existing scientific and practical content, we worked with U.S. Borax regional sales experts to determine the specific needs of growers and agronomists across the globe and to surface important field studies and localized materials. To support sales across key regions such as Latin America, Southeast Asia, China, and India, we also incorporated new features on the site, such as an ROI calculator, a Find a Distributor button, and a world map leading to new regional pages. And we created visually compelling illustrations and videos to highlight the key benefits of refined boron over lower-quality alternatives.

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Intuitive features and a customer-first site design encourage agronomists, growers, distributors, and wholesalers to reach out the right sales contact


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Consumers can now immediately calculate the improved ROI that results from using U.S. Borax refined borates on specific crop types and acreage. They can also access a list of local distributors, along with contact info, photos, and short bios that help to humanize the company and encourage communication. Prospects are more likely to be educated about the value of refined borates before contacting sales reps, who can also more easily direct consumers and wholesalers to field studies and collateral for a variety of regions and crops.

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