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Desperately Seeking Substance

Rio Tinto’s U.S. Borax Agriculture division possesses a wealth of content about the value and cost-effectiveness of refined borate supplementation. Years of agronomy notes, field studies, and an extensive crop guide set the company apart as a global expert in the importance and effect of boron in crop production.

Yet most of this content was locked in PDF files, making the material impossible to search, difficult to locate, and burdensome to navigate. Furthermore, the site itself was difficult to locate, positioned two levels down on the main U.S. Borax site.



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Unlocking Site Authority

Our first action was to unlock key content as part of our overall site redesign. Rather than linking to static PDFs, we created interactive crop guides, education infographics, expert videos, value-in-use calculators, and application guidelines for 140 plants. We then built in programmatic signals to optimize Google discovery of and response to content across the site, as part of an ongoing SEO effort. And we further increased consumer access to information via an improved site Search, content categorization, and extended navigation.

Searchable Stories

Searchable, accessible storytelling help to establish Borax as a trusted agricultural resource.


Searchable, Accessible Storytelling

By making assets easy to locate across top-level navigation and sidebar categoriesalong with sitewide search engine optimization—we were able to increase resource content engagement by more than 523%. Many key product pages have seen visitation increases of more than 375%. And since the redesigned site launched, visits, time on site, and pages per visit continue to rise. Most important, the site now enables the U.S. Borax vision of connecting growers and agronomists with education to improve crop quality, yield, and profitability.

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