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Rio Tinto’s U.S. Borax Agriculture division needed to a better relationship with its intended audience: growers, agronomists, crop consultants, distributors, and fertilizer wholesalers. As the producer of a third of the world’s refined borates, U.S. Borax has a compelling history and a vital role to play in global agriculture, providing essential nutrients for crops worldwide. Its existing site needed elements to help visitors see U.S. Borax as a trusted agricultural resource, not just another mining company.



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Telling the U.S. Borax Story

To help tell the U.S. Borax story and promote the company’s investment in its customers’ success, we created several series of videos shot at the company’s historic Boron, California mining facilities. Case study videos relate the results of important studies on the effect of refined borates on crops throughout the world. Product videos feature U.S. Borax experts providing information about the company’s agricultural products. And educational videos discuss important aspects of boron deficiency, refined borates usage, new online tools and features, and the company’s commitment to agriculture and to growers. To support ongoing localization efforts, we also shot several of the videos in Portuguese and Spanish as well as in English.

Valuable Visual Storytelling

Videos throughout the site and on a dedicated Resources page help reinforce consumer connections and increase educational value of content.


A New View

By incorporating the videos in key locations throughout the site, we helped U.S. Borax connect on a human level—and enabled better viewer retention of  important information related to complex agricultural topics. Measurements after launch of the redesigned site showed a 255% increase in page views, a 9.3% increase in time spent on site, and a 23.49% decrease in bounce rate. Portuguese and Spanish language videos are on the site to support ongoing localization efforts for sales and education in Latin America.

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