Get the benefits of an account-based marketing (ABM) tool without the prohibitive cost of most ABM software.

Target, Identify, Customize, Connect

With ABM, your organization can engage high-value accounts more quickly than ever. Today’s technology puts ABM in reach—but most tools come at a hefty price.

The power of ABM lies in the ability to deliver personalized content that will connect with individual accounts. If you spend your entire budget buying ABM technology, how can you develop that content? And instead of spending time learning to juggle complex software with a multitude of features you likely won’t need or use, why not spend that time aligning with sales and bulking up your strategic ABM program?

CompassABM for Kentico—developed and supported by Refactored, a Kentico Gold Partner—is an online platform that—
  • delivers IP address resolution,
  • empowers Kentico EMS personalization features, and
  • provides firmographic info to give your sales team an edge.
Best of all, the tool is affordable and easy to use, so you can spend more time and resources developing page content, nurture campaigns, and digital ads. Need help developing or deploying your ABM program? The experts at Refactored can help with optional strategy, content creation, and digital marketing services.

See How CompassABM Works

"With Refactored’s help and CompassABM for Kentico, we were able to launch a complete ABM pilot—including strategic, lite, and programmatic accounts, digital ads, and a full nurture campaign—within the span of just three months.”

Greg Matranga
Vice President of Global Marketing


CompassABM supports all varieties of ABM programs

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