Unforgettable Branding

Differentiate your organization’s identity with a consistent, unified expression of your unique value.

B2B branding should compel and captivate your audience.

Your brand is so much more than a set of fonts, color schemes, or a logo. It’s not just dynamic graphics or taglines either—it’s the alignment of purpose, story, and value. It connects with prospects and converts them into customers.

But sometimes, you’re too close to your brand to see it clearly. Refactored’s experienced strategists have the fresh perspective you need.

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Brand Development: From Scratch or Refresh

Launching a new brand, project, or division? Re-imagining your existing brand? We provide just what you need.

Brand Research

Understand your unique value.

  • Site and brand audit

  • Industry and market research

  • Competitor analysis

  • Customer interviews and surveys

  • Stakeholder and SME interviews

Brand Alignment

Ensure consistency across all channels.

  • Persona development

  • Company and product messaging

  • Brand positioning

  • Style and brand guides

  • Social templates

Customer-Centric Strategy

Make it easy for customers to engage with your brand.

  • Customer journey mapping

  • User experience (UX) strategy

  • Wireframing and site strategy

Visual Storytelling

Inspire and create emotional connections.

  • Logos and imagery

  • Visual design and collateral

  • Iconography

  • Video and animations

Why Work with Refactored for Branding?

Take a holistic approach to create a unified brand identity.

Your brand extends across all your company’s activities—from marketing to sales to customer retention and beyond—so it can’t be created in isolation. Refactored’s holistic approach to brand development ensures we’ll hit the mark.

Discovery and Insight
Understand your target audiences, improve branding strategies, and identify opportunities to drive business success and growth.
Brand Standards
Create a unified, consistent, recognizable brand identity across touch points to increase brand awareness and recognition.
Brand Positioning
Establish a unique and differentiated position in the market, making it easier for your ideal customers to identify and choose your brand.
Company and Product Messaging
Build a shared language that communicates your brand's value, differentiators, and benefits to build trust, increase sales, and cement customer loyalty.
Visual Design
Create visual elements that embody your brand's identity, values, and message, enhancing brand recognition and appeal.
Communicate your brand across all your marketing, sales, and online communication touch points.

Integrated Branding Reaches Across the Customer Experience

Tell a story that resonates with your ideal customers.

Refactored’s senior account strategists, copywriters, and designers align with you to craft a meaningful brand identity, leveraging powerful messaging and visuals that will support your customers throughout their buying journey.

Insightful Storytelling

Define and demonstrate your company’s purpose, core values, and niche.

Meaningful Connection

Leverage messaging to communicate consistently across touchpoints—and audiences.

A Clear Path to Action

Provide visual and contextual stepping stones to foster conversion.

Greg Matranga

“A crucial aspect of our marketing evolution was to fully articulate the unique value of our solutions. We needed to understand why customers should—and ideally would—buy from us rather than one of our competitors. Otherwise, how would we be able to help prospects come to that same conclusion? By centering on the customer in this way, we were able to focus our resources on reaching the right audience, improving the likelihood of successful conversions.”

—Greg Matranga, Vice President of Global Marketing, InfinityQS

Digging Deeper for Better Branding

A brand is about people.

When you interact with someone, they won’t always remember the particulars of your conversation. But you can be sure they’ll remember how you made them FEEL. That’s a brand.

When you partner with Refactored, we take the time to develop and execute a brand strategy that provides extended value across all your marketing and sales activities.


We start by building a comprehensive understanding of your organization, learning about your:

  • Company structure, products, and services

  • Marketing initiatives and goals

  • Marketing and sales objectives

  • Buyer journey and sales process

Research and Strategy

Next, we dig deeper with customer insights, and SME interviews to develop your detailed story.

  • Conduct market, industry, and competitive analyses

  • Develop audience and customer personas

  • Document messaging, tone, and style

  • Establish positioning statements, taglines, and value propositions


We create your foundational brand elements—and help you put them into action.

  • Craft visually inspiring campaigns, and collateral

  • Design and build beautiful and functional websites

  • Develop and execute ready-to-launch campaigns

  • Extend your brand across all your channels—social, mobile, partner, and more

“As KORE Software was looking to reach new markets and expand its product line, Refactored helped us targeted messaging with a clear value proposition that differentiated us from competitors. We’ve been able to use this not only for our corporate messaging as well as how we speak to our various audiences on our website.”

— Eva Rieder, Senior Marketing Manager, KORE Software

Elevate your brand to spark stronger customer relationships.

When you’re ready to craft a brand identity that will resonate with your customers, choose a mature marketing agency. We at Refactored would love to hear from you.

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