Website design

Challenge: InfinityQS wanted a brand refresh to elevate its look and feel to match its status as a Quality Intelligence market leader. The company needed featured content that spoke to customers’ needs first and products second. As a global service provider, InfinityQS wanted content available in four languages, providing engaging resources to help accelerate a lengthy buying cycle involving multiple stakeholders. The redesigned website would need to act as a gateway to progressive sales and marketing efforts, and would need to seamlessly integrate content management, marketing automation, and site personalization systems.

Results: Upticks in all key site measures, including total visits, new users, time on site, and page visits. From a lead perspective, conversions are up 34%, while the cost of paid conversions has dropped 56%. Our SEO strategy has led to a 15% increase in organic search traffic, an increase of 964 keywords ranking in Google’s top 100, and an increase of 41 keywords in the top 3 positions.

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Demand Generation Nurturing

Challenge: A new branding message asked InfinityQS customers to “Re-Imagine Quality” through a major shift in perspective, as a means to create a global business transformation. The company needed a nurture campaign to lend a visually compelling, benefits-focused lens to the InfinityQS message. The objective: to provide touch points and tailored content aimed at the company’s specific yet diverse buyer personas. By doing so, InfinityQS hoped to foster closer customer connections and more fruitful prospect calls.

Results: Through a tailored series of email campaigns, calls to action, and download collateral, we successfully communicated the InfinityQS brand story in a way that humanizes the company and supports sales by delivering nurture content with a higher than typical educational value. As a result, recipients have shown a strong likelihood of opting in, and prospects who download the collateral have stayed on targeted pages longer. InfinityQS has been able to reuse the program’s versatile content at live events and with analysts. Over previous campaigns, the Refactored program has shown a 100% rise in message open rates (thanks to more relevant subject lines), a 266% increase in click-to-open rates (attributed to more relevant content), and a nearly 0% unsubscribe rate from all new programs.

Content Marketing

Challenge: As InfinityQS prepared to launch a redesigned website and new branding that encouraged customers to “Re-Imagine Quality”, it needed new content to educate current and potential customers about the business benefits of making such a paradigm shift. This content needed to be compelling, customer-centric, and accessible through multiple avenues. The objectives were—

  • to provide numerous touch points on the InfinityQS website and through offsite channels including social networks and email,
  • to offer content that would continually build the branding message over time,
  • to be sustainable over the long term, and
  • to adapt as customer needs change and the company’s story grows.

Results: By engaging directly with client SMEs, vendor partners, and even customers, Refactored maintained engagement to support rich topic generation and high-value content. We are successfully providing strategy, copywriting, and design for the creation of the following assets:

  • Blogs
  • White papers
  • Success stories
  • Case studies
  • Infographics and illustrations
  • Website content
  • Graphics and charts
  • Email nurturing campaigns
  • Brand campaigns

These efforts have resulted in the creation of a substantial body of new content in a short time, revitalization of the company’s rich blog content, integration of graphic information, and renewed content engagement by website visitors.

Digital Marketing

Challenge: InfinityQS needed a campaign to introduce its refreshed brand to the business-to-business (B2B) market. The goal was to elevate a conversation about the value of quality data among quality professionals, and to illustrate how a new perspective about that data can deliver unexpected value for manufacturing organizations. To communicate these concepts, Refactored developed an illustration, animation, and context explanation of the InfinityQS “infinity loop” concept, which describes how organizations can use the company’s Quality Intelligence solutions to transform their businesses.

Results: Overall traffic to the website has increased since the B2B campaign launch. InfinityQS has seen large spikes in both paid traffic (which we control) and organic traffic from LinkedIn, where we use highly visual posts to promote brand messages and content. Targeted industry groups in LinkedIn have also shown good engagement. Plus, time-on-site metrics related to campaign content and pages are up more than 900%.

Video Development

Challenge: InfinityQS needed a highly visual, engaging way to communicate the value and benefits of its software and of its recommendation to customers to “Re-Imagine Quality”, per its new brand message. Refactored suggested the creation of a video series to help users understand how the company could help them use their quality data to bring about a business transformation.

Results: Not only has the video series helped InfinityQS enhance the variety of content types with which it communicates, the videos have also greatly extended the company’s time-on-site and time-on-landing-page metrics. Landing pages that contain these videos average viewing times more than 10 times longer than those of main site pages, as visitors watch videos and download assets. These multimedia elements are a major contributor to overall time-on-site improvements of 900% for pages related to the brand campaign.

Pay-Per-Click Program

Challenge: After a year of minimal digital advertising as InfinityQS prepared for the release of a new product platform, the company was ready to renew its pay-per-click (PPC) program. The campaign needed to—

  • relaunch the company within the digital advertising market,
  • draw visitors to the new InfinityQS website,
  • support its rebranding campaign,
  • promote messaging awareness,
  • generate leads, demo requests, and free trial downloads,
  • reduce the cost of the program, and
  • ensure quality lead sources.

Results: From PPC campaign launch to date, cost per conversion has been reduced 56%. The campaign also helped to shift conversions from primarily webinar and whitepaper downloads to high-quality lead-generating content such as demo requests. The campaign has improved Search CTR and Display CTR. The client is also seeing a lift in the number of higher value, sales-focused website conversions since launching the PPC program.


Challenge: To emphasize the value and benefits to customers inherent in InfinityQS’s new “Re-Imagine Quality” brand message, the company needed illustrations, icons, product marks, and infographics that could help users understand the potential of using their quality data to bring about business transformation.

Results: Refactored developed illustrations that have proved essential in the development of the brand message. Our visual collateral materials have become part of the core story that supports both the company and the upcoming launch of its new Quality Intelligence platform. These materials provide an accessible, visual tool to help customers and prospects quickly understand the value of adopting a new view of quality data and a business model that draws tangible benefits from big data. The illustrations form a cohesive story and support the continuity and consistency of messaging across the InfinityQs website and in a variety of content, including blog posts, white papers, and data sheets.