Information Overload

With a rebranding campaign underway and the impending launch of a new quality intelligence software platform, InfinityQS needed to relay the benefits of its services to prospects and help customers determine which of the company’s two platforms would be right for them. InfinityQS needed a way to engage its audience yet communicate an abundance of new ideas and complex information quickly and concisely. Video offered the right format—and could be repurposed across social media and the redesigned website.

Engaging Education

We began by creating three long-form videos that explored three primary benefits of “Re-Imagining Quality” (the primary message of the rebranding campaign). Through close coordination with InfinityQS subject matter experts, scripted voiceover, and integration of visual collateral, these pieces helped viewers grasp the benefits of the InfinityQS approach. We crafted separate videos to engender excitement around each of the company’s platforms—the new Enact product and the flagship ProFicient—and to help viewers determine which option would be right for them.

Spectacular Returns

Besides helping InfinityQS enhance the variety of content types in their library, we were able to use these videos to greatly extend time-on-site and time-on-landing page metrics. Landing pages that contain these videos averaged site visits of around 10 minutes—more than 10 times the average for main site pages—as visitors viewed several videos and downloaded assets. These new elements were also major contributors to overall time-on-site improvements of 900% for campaign-related pages.