Website Discovery & Roadmap

Support stakeholder alignment, build assurance in your vision, and drive your website project forward with confidence.

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Get Headed in the Right Direction

Whether you’re a regional association seeking measured, incremental change—or an international enterprise executing change at a global scale—you need a clear roadmap first.

Because a website redesign can be complex, it’s critical to ensure your teams are aligned around a central vision that:

  • Outlines specific stakeholder requirements and goals

  • Maps your website current and future state

  • Creates a sustainable project flow and budget

  • Establishes guardrails for managing project scope and budget

Refactored is your guide to achieving your organization’s website objectives. Let’s get the journey started.

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4 Steps to Success

Website Discovery is a methodical, pragmatic process with critical implications and real-world applications.

The steps you take in this program become a hands-on guide—a Roadmap—that your team and partners will continually reference as you move your initiatives forward.

Image showing a complex buyer journey map

Step 1: Business Needs

Start with the why.

When you’re ready for a new website, the drivers behind your project go beyond the simple need for an online presence. To ensure meaningful change, Refactored’s strategists spend time with your internal stakeholders to define:

  • Your organization’s objectives, KPIs, and strategic needs

  • How your brand and visuals elevate your value

  • Opportunities for greater impact

Images of a detailed persona document

Step 2: Member/Customer Needs

Gain a user-centric viewpoint.

To create the best experience for your target audiences, we connect with them and listen to what they really want and need from you. Then we can tell you:

  • The right features, functionality, and messaging for your site users

  • How current and prospective customers find and interact with you

  • Where performance, content, and search engine visibility can be optimized

Composable components in Storyblok for Editor-first workflows

Step 3: IT Needs

Document your site’s current and future states.

Refactored brings decades of technical website strategy and development expertise to bear to help your IT and leadership teams understand:

  • Your technology ecosystem

  • How to leverage your existing tools

  • What changes are required

  • How those changes will impact your operations, integrations, and workflows

Images of Big I Illinois prototyping: wireframes to design

Step 4: Map Your Path Forward

Documentation that keeps you on track, on time, and on budget.

We’ll deliver a comprehensive package of tangible resources, including:

  • Detailed findings and recommendations

  • Requirements for the new website

  • Comprehensive project plan including scope, cadence, and milestones

  • Clear, itemized budget requirements

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Align Your Teams, Maintain Your Momentum

“For Investments & Wealth Institute, the website discovery process has been a touchstone activity that has helped us pull together through a lot of change. It has been essential to give a voice to all the stakeholders in our organization, and Refactored’s management and synthesis throughout that process has kept us on track and moving forward. In addition, having a clearly defined project plan has been key to keeping our momentum strong as we navigate a complex—but ultimately rewarding—transformation of our digital presence.”

Tim Whiting
Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director of Sales, Investments & Wealth Institute

Achieve your website redesign—without chaos.

Your organization can achieve the transformative change you need.

You just need the help of a trusted partner who’s been where you are.

Meet the Demands of a Challenging and Dynamic Environment—with Confidence.

Learn how an integrated website strategy can enable your organization to tell a better story, build a better experience, and generate greater demand.

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