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Enriching Member Experience, Elevating Association Value


Giving Members Value They Can’t Get Anywhere Else

For associations today, staying relevant is critical to their long-term sustainability.

For Investments & Wealth Institute (IWI), reviving that relevance—and making their industry-leading certifications easy for new and existing members to embrace—had become a critical need.

Their old website had become overgrown, overblown, and overly difficult to navigate—for both site editors and site visitors. Existing and prospective members couldn’t easily find what they were looking for.

And their most important message—the value of their certifications and education programs—had been buried.

Leaning into the trusted relationship they had with Refactored, IWI looked to fully transform their brand and build a modern website that showcases:

  • The unique value of their advanced certifications

  • Their practical, career-boosting member benefits

  • The impact of IWI’s evolutionary leadership in the financial advising profession


Brand Messaging

Visual Design


Service Offerings

Website Discovery and Roadmap

Technical and Content Strategy


UI and UX Design

Visual Design

Content Development and Writing

Site Migration Strategy

Web Development

Systems Integration

SEO Strategy

Investments & Wealth Institute's new modern website


Discovery, Alignment, and a Roadmap to Value

The efforts of IWI’s marketing, membership, education, events, and sales teams were shackled by a traditional, decentralized infrastructure and rigid page templates.

To move multiple agendas forward, internal teams had splintered the site navigation, diluting the brand with competing messages and duplicate content.

IWI’s leadership team knew the website redesign would be a herculean effort, but they were looking for several non-negotiable outcomes. The new site needed to:

  • Elevate IWI’s unique value in the financial certification space

  • Be highly navigable, creating a personalized, intuitive experience for members, prospects, and partners

  • Empower their internal teams to innovate, adapt, and better serve their members

Refactored started IWI’s process with a detailed Website Discovery project to align their stakeholders, leadership, and board and clarify the most critical opportunities for website transformation.

Impactful Improvement Opportunities


  • Simplify brand story

  • Consolidate content

  • Develop process for content review & updates

  • Apply metrics to drive change


  • Improve navigation

  • Eliminate noise

  • Simplify nomenclature

  • Unify visual design


  • Adopt an easy-to-use CMS

  • Streamline admin ownership and processes

  • Ensure security

  • Reduce IT burden and redundancy

  • Lower costs where possible


Simplifying the Digital Ecosystem

As a certifying membership organization and professional association, IWI’s website is the hub of member, partner, and prospect interactions across an interconnected architecture of best-of-breed technologies.

To create a unified, scalable, and future-proofed solution, we recommended that IWI build the new site in Storyblok. Moving to a modern, headless architecture enables them to:

  • Improve their brand impact, story, and content management

  • Optimize their member experience seamlessly across the website, member portal, LMS, events microsites, and publications archives

  • Continue making meaningful changes to the site going forward, easily and flexibly, without incurring new costs

Certification & Support for Financial Professionals
  • Accredited certifications

  • Continuing education courses and webinars

  • Premier financial publications and research

  • Professional education programs

  • Premier industry events

  • Partner and sponsor programs

Associations promote online learning programs

Content Editor Control:
Brand, Story, Message

Storyblok’s centralized content architecture gives IWI’s disparate internal teams a single place to unify their storytelling, initiatives, and communications.

  • Best-in-class Visual Editor empowers page- and site-level updates—without developer intervention

  • Easy-to-use Modular Components enable flexibility while maintaining brand standards

  • Improved metadata access and advanced control for search engine optimization

Modern websites streamline navigation

Personalized Experience:
Intuitive UI & UX

Refactored’s UI/UX designers and content strategists teamed to dramatically consolidate the volume of content that visitors must sift to find what they are looking for. Navigation is streamlined, key information is easy to digest, and common actions are easy to complete.

  • Personalized pathways to each IWI certification

  • Scannable design supports key decision making, program comparisons, and cost transparency

  • Simplified access to key member interactions

  • Enhanced visibility for partner and sponsor programs

IWI leveraged Refactored's Web Accelerator for their web project

Connecting What You Want to What You Already Have

Storyblok enables fast, easy, API-based integrations with IWI’s existing tools and technologies. Without ripping and replacing systems that are essential to their operations—and leveraging Refactored’s comprehensive Web Accelerator components—they now have a seamless, intuitive experience. Members can get whatever they need, on desktop or mobile, and always feel like they are at home with IWI.


Maintaining Modernization Momentum

Once we had completed IWI’s Website Discovery project, we had a clear roadmap for making sure their website rebuild stayed on focus, on track, and on budget. Our experienced account teams took a leadership role, directing the project, ensuring timely milestone completions, and guiding their teams through a phased process following a logical progression.

Wireframe prototyping saves production costs

Site UI and UX Design

Before moving the visual elements into a design, our designers and account strategists produced a comprehensive set of wireframes, prototypes that enable us to map the user journey from top-level navigation through every interaction.

Modern visual design process

Renewing the Brand

Refactored’s creative team worked closely with their executive leaders to create a fresh visual design and messaging that faithfully represent the association’s mission, values, and position as an innovator in the financial services industry. Our teams translated their core concepts to create an instant, emotional connection and convey a member-centric view of the practical and long-term value of IWI’s certifications and membership.

Modernizing IWI's site required 40+ Hi Res wireframes

Dramatic Design and Content Uplift

With an approved sitemap and layouts, our design and content teams went to work producing high-resolution mockups and fully revised page content for more than 50 core site pages.

We also coached IWI’s editorial team, empowering them to carry forward the same brand and content changes on their extensive internal pages, leveraging our best-practices–configured components in Storyblok.

Ensure an Effective IT Solution

From the selection of the Storyblok CMS to building the site to establishing integrations with existing and new tools, Refactored is more than a tech support provider.

We are a strategic partner, continually moving IWI towards modern technology solutions that provide the best possible ROI in a best-of-breed, composable ecosystem.

A Multifaceted, Consultative Approach

  • Foster IT involvement with platform selection

  • Identify platform best suited to goals, scope, and objectives

  • Match platform selection with in-house team’s capabilities

  • Ensure your staff can easily update and maintain systems

  • Incorporate centralized content infrastructure, connected to core systems

  • Ensure tools can adapt to future needs

Clarifying the benefits of association membership


Improving Business Outcomes, Advancing the Member Experience

Every association needs to drive revenue to continue advancing their mission.

IWI’s new website puts their mission and values front and center, while positioning their highest value offerings in easy reach.

  • It’s easy to differentiate IWI from other certifying organizations—and to differentiate IWI certifications from each other.

  • Through a universally shared experience, every visitor—members, certificants, consumers, and newcomers—can quickly find the personalized pathway they are looking for.

  • Marketing staff can easily drive traffic and business to IWI certifications and partners.

Most important, the organization is now able to make meaningful, positive changes to their site, content, and tech stack—without starting from scratch ever again.

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