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Create an inclusive online experience with a modern website built with accessibility in mind from the start.
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Expand Access to All.

Increase Engagement with All You Offer.

You know that web accessibility is important.

  • It’s the right thing to do—demonstrating a meaningful commitment to empathy and inclusivity

  • It’s a practical best practice—reducing barriers and friction so more visitors can engage with your offerings

  • It’s required—helping you comply with rules from government and regulatory agencies

But how do you build accessibility into your website?

Refactored can help.

Whether you’re starting a new site or redesigning your existing site, our comprehensive Web Accessibility Solution helps you deliver a positive experience to all visitors who interact with your organization.

In partnership with Recite Me—a leading global Enterprise SaaS accessibility solution provider—we’ll help you ensure your modern website reaches your entire audience.

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What Does Web Accessibility Really Mean?

According to Census data, 27% of people in the U.S. have a disability that can make accessing online information difficult. For most organizations, that number alone makes improving web accessibility an imperative. A truly inclusive website provides an integrated approach that goes beyond basic and expected adaptations.

60 million

people in the U.S. live with a disability (CDC)


of U.S. residents are neurodiverse (CSR Wire)

67 million

Americans speak a language other than English at home (AMACAD)

Inclusive web development helps overcome barriers to access including:

  • Auditory disabilities, including full or partial hearing loss and difficulty understanding sounds when there is background noise

  • Visual disabilities, including low vision, blindness, color blindness, or light sensitivity

  • Cognitive disabilities, which include a range of challenges including learning disabilities, neurodiversity, and behavioral and mental health disorders

  • Physical disabilities, such as muscular, sensory, joint, and pain disorders that limit movement and the ability to use devices

  • Speech disabilities, which make it difficult to use video chat, teleconferencing, or voice recognition technologies

  • Communication barriers, including language and cultural differences

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Accessibility Isn't a Checkbox

“For us, compliance standards are a baseline. But being inclusive means being in true partnership with your customers. It comes from a place of combined empathy and pragmatism. It’s being always open to the needs of others so you can deliver your solutions to everyone who wants them.”

Dawn Cyr

Senior Content Strategist | Creator, Refactored

Build Your Accessibility Practice

Start now and enable continuous improvement with these essential elements for compliance and improvement.

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Craft Your Accessibility Statement

Demonstrate Commitment to Inclusivity

Just as you include a Privacy Policy on your site, you should also include an Accessibility Statement. This simple document explains in plain language:

  • How you aim to ensure equal access for all your website users

  • Where you are at in your conformance with WCAG and ADA standards

  • Steps you take to make digital content and services usable for people with various abilities

  • How people can connect with you to report accessibility issues

  • How you respond to those issues and proactively mitigate emerging issues that you identify

Explore free tools to generate your own Accessibility Statement.
Visit the W3C Web Accessibility InitiativeVisit Recite Me's Accessibility Statement Generator
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Add An Accessibility Toolbar

Enable individuals to adapt your website to their needs.

An accessibility toolbar is an embedded widget that provides an array of controls so that site visitors can customize aspects of your site and launch adaptive tools. Some examples of adaptive controls include:

  • Text readers to convert selected text to audio

  • Translators for real-time text and audio translations

  • Contrast, saturation, and color customization

  • Font sizing and style adaptation

  • Link highlighting

  • Image-hide to reduce distraction

  • Cursor customization

  • Ruler tool to enhance focus

  • Magnifying glass to enlarge screen segments

  • And more

Watch a Demo: Recite Me’s Website Accessibility Assistive Toolbar
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Set Up a Governance Solution

Follow through on your accessibility commitment.

Your accessibility practice is an ongoing process. Accessibility Checker software should give you a structure for active governance, including:

  • Regular scanning of your site for accessibility issues

  • Mitigation recommendations and details

  • Performance tracking to show how you are improving

  • Reporting to enable you to share your status and progress with both internal stakeholders and outside parties

See How Recite Me's Website Accessibility Checker Works

Build In Inclusivity

Accessibility presents unique challenges at multiple levels of your website modernization process.

Work with a partner who will guide you through the details every step of the way.

A Solid Foundation

Our Website Accelerator solution code has been checked, validated, and optimized to provide an accessibility-ready framework that enables best practices to your content and workflows.

Pre-Launch Screening

We’ll run a comprehensive site scan to identify any initial issues, recommend and implement remediation, and provide you with a baseline compliance score before your site goes live.

Post-Launch Support

As your web technology partner, we can provide screening, remediation, and consulting services as needed to support your robust website accessibility practice.

Digital Inclusion Is a Collaborative Journey

Refactored is proud to recommend the Recite Me platform as a comprehensive structure for your accessibility practice.

Recite Me offers industry-leading products that go above and beyond basic compliance requirements to help you enable a positive digital experience for all your visitors.

Get More Details: Standards and Mandates

Refactored helps you stay in compliance with current accessibility standards—and ahead of emerging mandates. Follow the links below to learn more about key standards and initiatives that impact you.

Colorado Mandate

Learn about the first state-level web accessibility requirement.

Read Colorado's Rules

Federal Mandate

Rehabilitation Act: Strengthening Digital Accessibility

Read Federal Updates

ADA Guidance

Read about Americans with Disabilities Act standards for Web Accessibility.

Read ADA Standards


Strategies, standards, and resources from the Web Accessibility Initiative.

Get W3C Resources


International Web Content Accessibility Guidelines for A, AA, and AAA compliance.

Learn WCAG Standards

Discover Your Website Accessibility Opportunities

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