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Storyblok makes life better for marketers, developers, and customers. Refactored helps you take advantage of everything Storyblok Headless CMS offers.

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Storyblok: A Headless CMS That Scales with Your Business Goals

A new website is an opportunity to improve your customers’ digital experience and build resilience for your business. You want a content management system (CMS) that meets your immediate requirements, enables easy adoption for your users, and adapts as your business needs change.

On your shortlist of CMS solutions should be Storyblok, a headless CMS that delivers exceptional site speed, minimal security footprint, and a flexible, intuitive system ideal for developers and business users alike.

Storyblok enables businesses to deploy modern content experiences tailored to any digital environment—websites, applications, wearable devices, and more—all from a single instance of content creation.

As an experienced Storyblok partner with two decades of experience building exceptional websites, Refactored ensures you get the most out of Storyblok’s powerful capabilities.

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Optimize Content Creation, Management, and Distribution

Storyblok might be the right CMS for your business if you want to:


of omnichannel content

  • Engaging desktop and mobile websites

  • Conversion-driven landing pages

  • Mobile apps and wearable devices

  • Email and more


through a reliable, consistent UX

  • Personalize content deployment 

  • Automatically tailor content for any channel or device 

  • Ensure branding consistency across all channels 

  • Leverage best-of-breed solutions for conversion, marketing automation, ecommerce, and community functionality 


with a decoupled system that’s superior to monolithic CMSs

  • Leverage secure APIs and third-party integrations 

  • Safeguard administrative and data-holding territories 

  • Protect against security threats like DDoS attacks and more 


across departments and web properties

  • “De-silo” intra-department operations 

  • Simplify content creation for marketers 

  • Empower developers with complete control and flexibility 

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“Refactored has been able to do more for us in 2 months than our other partners were able to do in a year. Their pragmatic approach, responsiveness to our requests, and guidance on marketing strategy has made them an invaluable resource for Investments & Wealth Institute.” 

— Jamie Lewis, Director of Business Application Solutions, Investments & Wealth Institute 

Image of Storyblok's intuitive content editor interfaces

Create Once and Publish to Any Device or Channel

Storyblok reaches customerswherever they are.

Your website is the hub of your online business, but it’s not the only place to connect with customers.

In addition to omnichannel content delivery, benefits such as improved performance, security, SEO, accessibility, and more make a compelling case for Storyblok.

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Why Storyblok?

While most headless CMSs offer a range of benefits, not all are created equal. Storyblok is the first headless CMS designed to bridge the gap between developers and business users in pragmatic wayswith an intuitive visual content editor.

Additionally, Storyblok’s solution is designed to impact the bottom line by future-proofing content deployment so that businesses can always choose the best-in-breed solution that fit their current requirements.

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Storyblok is the first headless CMS to deliver an ideal experience for developers and marketers alike.

That’s why 63,000+ developers and marketers use it.

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Who does Storyblok work for?

Storyblok for business users

Create, manage, and publish to any channel

The Storyblok Visual Editor allows marketers to compose content in context and preview all components before publishing. Content creators who lack coding skills can compose and update content without the help of a programmer, saving development teams time and resources.

Storyblok is the only headless content management system with a Visual Editor.

Storyblok for developers

Your framework, your front end

With Storyblok, developers are free to choose their preferred technology to connect the back end to whichever front end, or “head,” they desire. This means businesses can keep using familiar frameworks and languages, which streamlines any third-party integrations now and down the road.

Storyblok makes life easier for developers, empowering them to create reliable, fast websites and applications—and accelerating project ROI.

Build Marketing Momentum with Storyblok

Functional capabilities for better digital experiences.

Visual Editor

It’s the simplest, yet most powerful editing experience editors and marketers will get.

Component Approach

Nestable content blocks make content management easy, even within complex layouts.

Content Workflows

Define multiple workflows for your content and deploy only approved changes.


Define your own content localization strategy to serve multiple countries and languages.


Access your data with powerful APIs: Delivery, Management, and GraphQL.

App Store

Extend Storyblok with apps from the App Store, or even build your own apps.

Looking to Get a Head Start with Headless Technology?

Refactored's Web Accelerator enables you to understand and use modern web technology right away.

Starter Site: Desktop Home Page Sample

A complete sample site

pre-built with Storyblok methodology to get you a new website—faster.

Image of laptop with sample website built with Web Accelerator

90% of the components

you need to build any web page—ready to go, with no proof-of-concept needed.

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An initiative accelerator

for any web project—from a site migration to a completely new website.

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Refactored Services: Streamline Digital Projects with Storyblok Experts

Storyblok has much to offer, but it takes an experienced partner to ensure the project is efficient and error-free so you can stay focused on other business needs. Refactored is a Storyblok certified partner specializing in website integrations, migrations, and digital strategy. We are here to make sure your Storyblok implementation is

  • Right for your business

  • Developed properly from back end to front

  • Optimized to ensure maximum long-term value

Learn about Storyblok Website Accelerator

Our Storyblok Services


Our experts will advise you on the best CMS solution for your needs—headless or otherwise.


Refactored's team can assist or take the lead on integrations, migrations, or custom builds.


We provide an added layer of expertise for update management and feature utilization.


We provide training on all facets of your Storyblok system, including step-by-step documentation and team instruction.

Harness the Power of Storyblok with Refactored

When you're ready to get moving on your next website, choose a future-proofed technology that provides material advantages for your brandwithout sacrificing usability. Headless is the future, and Refactored guides your project from start to finish to leverage everything Storyblok has to offer.

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