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We relay your core value in a compelling, honest way that connects with impact to your customers and prospects.
Enable strategic marketing

Marketing shares responsibility for revenue growth and we help you prioritize your goals, understand market conditions, and define the right strategies for you to achieve success.

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Generate demand

Leads are the lifeblood of every organization. That’s why we help you identify the ideal ones, nurture them through the funnel and give them reasons to become customers for life.

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Engage customers online

Passive audiences are a thing of the past. We create customized website experiences that deliver the right message at the right time—hitting your customers right where they are.

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Make Your Case for a Marketing Evolution

Need to change your marketing approach to improve results and sales? Get real-world examples of dramatic results—and actionable tips and resources to kick off your changes—in Refactored’s eBook Empower Your Marketing Evolution.

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Reverse Engineer Your Marketing Funnel to Boost Revenue

Reverse Engineer Your Marketing Funnel to Boost Revenue

Published on August 2, 2022
Every company struggles with driving momentum through the marketing funnel and realizing their ultimate goal: revenue.
6 Traits of a Truly Customer-Centric Website

6 Traits of a Truly Customer-Centric Website

Published on July 22, 2022
In the digital age, a website is like a front door—everyone has one. But whether your site converts visitors into customers is another matter. By many estimates, today’s B2B decision makers spend the first 60% of the buyer’s journey researching online.

Drive Targeted Website Traffic with Content Pillars

Increase Organic Traffic and Goal Completions - today.

A strategic, SEO-based content build focuses on search intent to attract your best targeted prospects, learn how to do it.

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