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Rio Tinto’s U.S. Borax division produces nearly a third of the world’s supply of refined boron—an essential nutrient for healthy, abundant crops. With a global presence and decades of scientific research and educational information, the company is committed to helping agronomists and growers feed the world’s population. But to do so, it needed a more compelling, intuitive online presence. The division’s existing site lacked rich storytelling and buried its most useful information in static PDF files. The site also did little to promote customer communication or brand awareness.


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To educate visitors about the value and cost-effectiveness of refined borate supplementation, we created infographics that illustrate the refinement process and video storytelling to aid information retention. An interactive crop guide moves vital content out of static PDFs, making it easier to search and use. And a new ROI calculator helps consumers immediately relate real value to U.S. Borax Agricultural products.

Through regional content and success stories, consumers around the globe can quickly find information that relates specifically to their needs and can more easily contact local distributors and experts.


Rapid Growth

With a benefit-focused message, relevant educational content, interactive tools, and increased visuals, the new site immediately saw a leap in performance. Page views shot up 255%, with unique views up 223%. Average time spent on the site increased 9.3%, while bounce rate decreased 23.49%. And engagement with resource content increased more than 523%, with visits to many key product pages up more than 375%. The content is localized for Portuguese-, Spanish-, and Chinese-speaking visitors, and other languages can be added as required to further increase customer value.

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2018 BMA Colorado Gold Key Awards, Gold: Rio Tinto Borates - Apps, Tools and Demos

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