Uniting Former Competitors with a Lead-Generation Website


Guiding the Buyer Journey

In the association management software (AMS) space, two leaders stand out: Protech and Fonteva. Both companies have developed association-tailored, all-in-one platform solutions—based in Microsoft 365 and Salesforce, respectively—to help associations run complex operations effectively and efficiently.

Now, under the collective Togetherwork brand, the two organizations find themselves in a collaborative (rather than competitive) sales space. Refactored had worked with both Protech and Fonteva on previous projects, and Togetherwork turned to us again to build a new, shared, lead-generation website.

This new site would capture potential customers high in the sales funnel and guide them to the solution that is most aligned with their unique needs.



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Aiming for Conversion

Our website content and design process begins with a deep understanding of the target audience. To bring together the Protech and Fonteva worlds, we worked closely with SMEs from both companies to understand the information needs and decision drivers for association software teams who are seeking a new AMS. Then, we learned what those buyers would need to change their thinking—and embrace the idea of a full platform solution.

Our discovery and strategic planning were supplemented by revisiting existing Protech and Fonteva websites, resource centers, and brand assets. A substantial body of information already existed, and we aimed to complement those websites and resources, not replace them.

We focused on crafting a signature website that stands on its own to provide lead generation through:

  • A blended home page to guide users through a logical journey

  • Deep content optimized for short- and long-tail top of funnel keywords

  • A substantial informational pillar page to answer common buying team questions

  • All leading to numerous conversion opportunities, intuitively integrated in the user experience

As content development progressed, we selected a WordPress template and began creating the site architecture while our visual designer created the overarching look and feel for the site, its design, and aesthetics.

As part of the WordPress build, we strategically developed aspects that enable site adaptability. We ensured that the Togetherwork team can easily add content pillars and resource center assets to continue to reach their target audience.


Leading to the Right Decision

Through a well-organized project plan and a highly transparent process, we delivered a focused, optimized site. Purposefully developed pages provide highly targeted information about Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce platform solutions while answering critical top-of-funnel questions.

A gated association software evaluation quiz acts as a lead magnet. And qualified leads are converted through direct requests to speak to sales advisors.

Now, these former rival companies can effectively share lead-capture resources—and as a result, both companies get better qualified leads that are further along in their decision-making process.

Where Do We Start?

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