Modern IA and UX Design

Marry elegant site structure with an intuitive, responsive user experience.

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Great Web Design Makes Complex Stories Accessible

When you have a complex organization or a technical product or service, it’s critical that you can communicate clearly—without “dumbing down” your nuanced offering. Great web design captures attention, simplifies storytelling, and elevates understanding.

Combining industry best practices in information architecture (IA) and user experience (UX) with our deep understanding of your users’ needs and brand story, we build intuitive visual cues on top of an efficient, organized structure to ensure users find what they’re looking for and can accomplish the interactions they want.

Modern Website Design with a Multifaceted, Integrated Approach

A single glance can convey multiple layers of meaning.

Build form and function with detailed user journey mapping, content modeling, and wireframing.

Image showing a working sitemap discovery

First Impression

Revise your sitemap for easy navigation.

With a clear, intuitive map, visitors to your site immediately understand that they have come to the right place. They immediately connect to the vibe of your site, and it’s easy for them to explore more.

Image showing a complex buyer journey map

Deeper Engagement

Model your content structure for an intuitive user journey.

Your ideal visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for because it’s obvious that the site has them in mind. They can quickly find what they are looking for, presented in a way that allows them to personalize their journey into your offerings.

Images showing how modern web components are rendered in a live site

Bringing It All Together

Envision your complete site with detailed wireframes.

High-resolution wireframes provide a format for sharing layout and user-journey concepting, allowing your teams to vet and confirm the site structure, page layout, and flow. This prototyping step is vital for keeping you on track, and it accelerates both visual design and development.

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A Transparent Process to Keep Stakeholders Aligned

“The wireframes Refactored built were an essential part of helping our stakeholders visualize the functionality of the site. The design and user experience has been incredibly enhanced, which resulted in a 16% increase in site traffic by our parents, students, and professionals alike.”

Melanie Mosley

CEO at Light Dynamics, Project Lead for NSBE

Make Complex Interactions Understandable—At a Glance

Exceptional IA and UX design benefits your teams as much as your site visitors.

Tell your story—and elevate your value.

We love helping B2B and Associations bring their stories to life. And we’d love to hear from you and learn about your needs and goals.

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