Accelerate Your Storyblok Evaluation

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Reduce risk, speed technology development, and improve adoption with a turnkey evaluation environment and unparalleled expert guidance.

Shorten Your Ramp-Up to Headless CMS

Give your web project teams the head start they need to do a meaningful deep dive—and experience how Storyblok will work in your enterprise environment.

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For most headless technology trials, tech teams are given a blank slate. They can’t even begin the evaluation until they build some meaningful portion of the solution.

Refactored’s Proof of Concept eliminates the slow startup by giving your team:

  • A complete sample site, prebuilt to Storyblok best practices

  • 50 hours of consulting from one of Storyblok's most experienced partners

This combination delivers exceptional benefits:

  • Makes Storyblok easier to evaluate, understand, and adopt

  • Gives project teams a real, working demonstration environment

  • Aligns your requirements with Storyblok best practices

  • Delivers expanded editor capabilities built atop Storyblok’s standard Visual Editor

  • Empowers project team efficiencies by leveraging Refactored’s code base

Storyblok Certified Partner

Ready to accelerate your Storyblok proof of concept?

Streamline your evaluation of headless CMS with a turnkey demonstration environment and experienced consultants.

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Understand and Use Headless Technology on Day One

Refactored's Proof of Concept enables you to skip ahead to practical, hands-on experience with Storyblok.

Starter Site: Desktop Home Page Sample

Web Accelerator

A complete sample site pre-built with Storyblok methodology in a sandbox environment where your dev teams can start digging.

laptop with sample website

90% of Components

Everything your content editors need to build any web page—and speed understanding, acceptance, and adoption.

laptop showing wireframe sample

Storyblok-First Process

Expert, end-to-end support and advice at every step—content strategy, UX design, development, deployment, training, and beyond.

Access Deep Storyblok Experience

Starting a new technology journey is exciting. But without a map and guide, it's easy to get off track. Enlist the guidance of someone who's traveled this path before.

Starter Site: Desktop Home Page Sample

Refactored's experts are some of the most experienced partners in the Storyblok ecosystem, bringing:

  • 3+ years Storyblok development

  • Over a dozen referenceable web projects for complex enterprise, mid-market, and association clients

  • A team of exclusively senior web strategists, UX designers, and developers

  • Extensive work across headless and composable technologies

  • Storyblok-first workflows aimed at maximizing the value of your CMS in your environment

Storyblok Certified Partner
Refactored team member drafting a persona

Support Stakeholder Alignment

Your Proof of Concept should empower your key stakeholders to make decisions faster, with confidence.

You need an easier way to demonstrate and move to new technology.

Our Web Accelerator sample site dramatically reduces:

  • Risk—of implementing a solution your teams don’t want, won’t learn, and won’t use to its full value

  • Dev time—cutting total project time so you can make decisions faster

  • Future site build time and cost—providing the option to license the Web Accelerator framework for your project build

Web Accelerator Sample Site: Strategically Efficient and Endlessly Customizable

Robust, adaptable, and scalable, our powerful framework is supported by our Storyblok-first methodology for use in proofs of concept, new site builds, and site migrations across your enterprise tech ecosystem.

Big I website wireframes for desktop and mobile views
Big I website and mobile views
XtremeAg website wireframes for desktop and mobile views
xtremeag desktop and mobile views
IWI website wireframes for desktop and mobile views
IWI website and mobile views

What's Included?

Everything you need to deliver lasting impact.

Base Solution

with best-practice configuration

  • Role-based Security

  • Roles & Permissions

  • Workflow

  • User Configuration

  • WCAG 2.2 Accessibility

  • Tracking Codes Applied

  • Brand Styles Implemented

  • Headers & Footer

  • Navigation & Menus

  • Button & Link Styles

  • SEO Plugin & Schema

  • Sitemap & Robots Files

Page Components

40+ common layout elements

  • Hero Panel

  • Grid Panel

  • Columns Panel

  • Rich Text Panels

  • Image and Text Panels

  • Image with Caption

  • Icon with Description

  • Card Widget

  • Carousels

  • Logo Grid

  • Quote/Testimonial

  • Statistics

  • Modal Window

  • Block Quote

  • Tabular Data

  • Accordion

  • Anything Blok

Features & Functionality

tailored for associations and corporations

  • SSO to Major CRM Solutions (SAML 2.0, OAuth 1.0, 1.0A, 1.0, and OpenID Connect)

  • Robust Search Solutions

  • Site-based Search

  • Resource Search

  • AI-Informed Display

  • Event & News Listings

  • Education & Course Listings

  • Full Conference Solution

  • Staff/Board/Committee Listing

  • Advertising Management

  • Testimonial Management

  • Sitewide CTA Management

  • Partner Logo Management

  • YouTube & Vimeo Embeds

  • HubSpot, Marketo & Pardot Integrations

Ready to accelerate your Storyblok Proof of Concept?

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