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Big I Illinois AI-powered search

You’re Not Google. But Your Site Visitors Don’t Care.

When people come to your website, they expect search functionality gives them exactly what they want:

  • Instant responses—

  • That predict their needs—

  • And provide relevant information—

  • In the context they want.

Yes. They really do want a mind reader.

Channel a personalized search experience.

As a dev team, we leverage Algolia’s cutting-edge, AI-powered search technologies to deliver a search experience that rivals what your customers find on sites such as Amazon and Google.

Discover how you can give site visitors exactly what they are looking for—before they even ask.

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Get Superior Search Experience, Deliver Phenomenal User Experience

Your dedicated Refactored developer team is here to provide the essential building blocks that raise the bar for your site search capabilities.

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Elevate Content Connections

Language is at the core of all search queries.

Ensure comprehensive, relevant searches by building the back-end linguistic structures that will feed your results. Our experts work with you to build an effective content strategy by using language the way your customers do.

  • Organizing content structure

  • Writing page titles, descriptions, and meta data

  • Creating robust taxonomy and tagging

  • Defining filters and modifiers

  • Curating content around common and evergreen terms

  • Managing synonyms and acronyms to accurately fulfill search intent

Progressive search for improved member engagement

Actively Assist

Deliver helpful cues during the search.

Responsive features dynamically produce cues to aid users—even while they are entering their search query.

  • Progressive search field displays autocomplete query suggestions based on your previous searches—and searches of other site visitors—changing as you type.

  • AI-enabled personalization proactively adjusts search results based on a users’ previous interactions, searches, and content consumption.

Big I Illinois AI-powered search

Empower Interactivity

Enable users to refine their results.

Interactive tools such as Algolia Recommends—enabled by live site and user data—engage users with content that’s most meaningful to them and keep them exploring.

  • Filter fields enable users to select facets (such as topics, prices, ratings) and sort (alphabetically, by date, by content type)

  • Highly relevant “Recommended for You” content based on user preferences

Web Accelerator: Instant Gratification with Out-of-the-Box Capabilities

Our Web Accelerator Solution includes the most in-demand search capabilities—ready to use in your website. Then, we help you customize your search features to provide the sophisticated, predictive, personalized search functionality that your users demand—and you should expect.

Image of advanced and personalized content recommendations for XtremeAg members.

With Web Accelerator, advanced search features are already built in:

  • Progressive search

  • Query suggestions

  • Faceting by content type (blog post, events, pages)

  • Filters, timeframe, and sort

Learn more about the our complete website framework.

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How Will You Enhance Discoverability on Your Site?

Association and corporate clients across industries leverage our Advanced Search Solutions to achieve strategic objectives.

AI-powered features customize user content recommendations for XtremeAg visitors
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Automox applied an advanced search front-end to enable prospects to surface conversion assets that support decision making.

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InfinityQS overhauled their content taxonomy and applied sophisticated search to empower sales team members to curate materials for prospective customers.

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Federated Search

Big I Illinois leveraged advanced, AI-powered search and API integrations to pull content from multiple systems into a centralized, easy-to-use interface.

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