Centralizing Website Content Management with Storyblok


Escalating Complexity

Automox, a leading provider of automation solutions for mission- and compliance-critical software configuration, patching, troubleshooting, and endpoint security. Their SaaS model depends on empowering enterprise IT teams to self-discover, self-start, and self-educate. To that end, Automox provides substantive support, a user community, e-learning, and a rich resource center. All these pieces had been built over time around their monolithic website. However, without a central CMS, management of all those elements—in multiple platforms—had become problematic.

Managing content resources was the biggest source of pain for their teams. Blogs were housed in Ghost, downloadable assets and their landing pages in Marketo, and news and events were manually managed in a separate workflow, making searchability across topics impossible for site users. When they needed to add new downloadable content, the marketing team was hamstrung by a tedious process that required creating site references, building landing pages, and uploading assets in multiple places. And business users could not make any site changes—every page change had to go through the tech team.

In addition, as their brand visibility grew, they needed a news and press center—but none of their existing platforms provided a satisfactory way to add that new content to their site. Automox needed a better solution but couldn’t see a way forward that didn’t involve scrapping and rebuilding their entire site—and that was not an option.



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Eliminating Content Silos

Refactored helped Automox centralize its critical blog and resource content in Storyblok, leveraging enterprise-ready capabilities to dramatically improve the user experience for site visitors and business users alike.

We migrated their blog and resource content; designed a highly flexible content model; and provided an enhanced user experience with improved asset display, navigation, and topical categorization. In addition, Refactored added a new press center, which includes a headline feed, featured news items, and press kit materials.

Enabling direct content management under a centralized architecture was essential for Automox’s marketing team. Our developers designed a flexible and intuitive content model that is intentionally adaptable as content needs scale.

The Storyblok Visual Editor provides a transformational improvement for business users. Marketers now have the power to make their own content changes and updates—quickly and easily—and see those changes as they make them. They can customize robust content experiences for specific high-value content, all while still allowing users to request PDF versions of the content in exchange for their contact information through integrated Marketo forms.


Elevated Content Experience

 Now, Automox’s valuable, rich content is more available for everyone. It’s easy for site visitors to find relevant information. The resource center is organized topically, and each topic is itself a functional, keyword-optimized landing page. Users can learn right on the page and easily connect to additional related materials.

Site performance, too, is night-and-day. Storyblok’s content-first model simplifies the overall technical architecture, and enterprise hosting on Netlify speeds the frontend display of content for users and search engines.

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