Visual Design for Modern Websites

Establish an immediate connection with a style that is recognizably yours.

A completed site with professional visual design.

Beautiful Design Brings Your Brand to Life

Your website's visual design carries the weight of representing your unique value. Design:

  • Sets the stage for your compelling story

  • Elevates the value of your brand

  • Creates an emotional connection to your ideal customers

And it’s critical for providing a positive experience—and a smooth journey into the heart of your organization.

When you work with us, you get the attention of a dedicated team to pull together all the details—and create an elegant design that represents your brand perfectly.

Build In the Elements That Differentiate You

What's your "green straw?"

When you see a white cup with a green straw, you instantly think Starbucks. It's a connection that’s unconscious, intuitive, emotional—and so simple.

That's the aim of truly integrated design. Your Refactored design team brings the ideal combination of artistic and pragmatic expertise to unify your brand, UX design, and story. The result is a website that elevates and distinguishes your organization and your mission.

Personalized web pages using consistent visual cues.
Image showing how visual design starts with your brand standards.

Building Visual Concepts

Creating a harmonious experience.

Visual design doesn’t happen at a fixed point but is woven throughout the phases of your website project. Your design team is the bridge that links the foundational elements of your brand standards, colors, and messaging with your UX design and navigational assets—always seeking fresh opportunities to apply visual cues that make the journey memorable.

Image showing interactive presentation that enables transparency into the design process.

Validating Your Vision

Transparency for your stakeholders.

The best visual designs evolve through open dialog, so your team will have continuous visibility into the evolution of your design. Through regular updates and live progress demos, your stakeholders will see your website designs come alive, from wireframes to complete page designs.

An image of design presentation for client review.

Creating a Cohesive Visual Style

Consistency is key.

The application of your visual style to your page elements is a methodical, intentional process. Your designers select and customize imagery and page elements for a unified brand look and feel, while still enabling personalized experiences for different visitors’ needs.

From icons and wayfinding elements to photos that evoke emotional responses, consistent application of your visual design ensures users always feel grounded in your brand.

Image shows how skilled application of brand cues enable personalized experiences.
Image showing how wireframes translate to visual design

Designed for Users—and for Usability

Great design also delivers great performance.

Your Refactored design team works in close collaboration with our developers. So whether you are leveraging the acceleration of our Storyblok Starter Site or require a fully custom site build, your designs are mobile-responsive, support optimal page speeds, and always created with accessibility standards in mind.

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A Visual Portal Into Your Content

“A key requirement for our new website was to clearly differentiate our three certification paths. In our initial site discussions, we imagined that this distinction would be created through navigation and copy. We hadn’t anticipated how much the design would help. It’s amazing! This new design not only looks clean and professional, but it made it possible to consolidate our complex certification stories and simplify how candidates identify and select their pathways. Plus, it really does represent the premiere nature of our association’s offerings.”

Jamie Lewis

Director of Business Application Solutions, Investments & Wealth Institute

Envision What’s Possible

Get a visual design that connects emotionally and captures your audience's imagination.

Tell your story—and elevate your value.

We love helping B2B and Associations bring their stories to life. And we’d love to hear from you and learn about your needs and goals.

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