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Building Success During Adversity

InfinityQS is a market leader in manufacturing quality management software. Their Enact and ProFicient software platforms automate collection and use of critical quality and process data to improve quality, decrease costs, and optimize processes.

In early 2020 as the effects of the COVID pandemic set in, manufacturers were heavily impacted. InfinityQS committed to helping customers optimize their Enact and ProFicient deployments to maximize value, increase production capacity, and decrease waste and downtime. They knew that by providing customers the means to realize efficiency gains at little or no cost—at a time when they needed it most—they would deepen existing relationships, add users, and expand adoption.





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Committed to Customers

InfinityQS and Refactored approached the project on two fronts. We first focused on a technical redesign and relaunch of the InfinityQS support site as a new microsite. The existing support team knowledge was repositioned, prioritizing a rich content library of best practices and guidance on system requirements, configuration, deployment, and optimization.

The second step of the uplift streamlined how the revitalized content could be found. After a frank needs assessment of the current support site navigation and content indexing, Refactored developed a greatly improved user interface and user experience design. Previously hidden content and downloads could now be accessed through easy, intuitive navigation and filtering tools.

Once these were completed, we launched a series of email and direct outreach campaigns to promote the idea of building greater resilience through improving the quality practices of internal customer teams.


Investment Payoff

InfinityQS and Refactored completely revamped the ProFicient and Enact support site, including the documentation and downloads library. Shifting to proactive customer support during the pandemic put a greater emphasis on helping InfinityQS customers get the most from current investments rather than selling new products.

A hallmark of this shift was to treat support content like marketing content on a traditional website, with each piece featuring a clear CTA and positioned for ease of use.

In addition to providing and improving tools that help manufacturers make better use of the InfinityQS solutions they have, this program and its promotional campaigns have led multiple customers to upgrade their systems, bring licensing up to current levels, and enter into new contracts with InfinityQS.

2021 Stevie Awards: Bronze Award: InfinityQS - Sales & Customer Support

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