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Science and Medicine Meet

Medical science is the foundation of LifebankUSA’s business—but helping families stay healthy is its overriding aim. The first concern came across loud and clear in the website for this cord blood, placental blood, and tissue banking company. Unfortunately, their dedication to the human side of the equation didn’t share the spotlight. LifebankUSA was concerned that their site’s main page wasn’t resonating with potential clients, and that some of their most important selling points were buried under an overly complicated navigation scheme.



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A Family Affair

We began by redesigning the site's home page, working with LifebankUSA to find new images that better represented their commitment to and care for families. The new design features streamlined content sections and a cleaner, simpler navigation. We also redesigned the site’s pricing page to make package customization more intuitive and pricing easier to understand. And we designed a competitive comparison page to help highlight the differentiators that make LifebankUSA a top option for parents who want to do the most they can for their family’s future health.

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Expecting Excellence and A Friendly Face

Visitors and potential clients can now find the information they need—including company differentiators, pricing, package creation, and testimonials—without being overwhelmed with complex medical and scientific information. Calls to action are more effective. And most important, the company’s humanity is front and center, making it easier to connect with potential clients. The redesigned main page humanizes a highly scientific company. Parents can more readily find the information they need and can more easily understand the benefits and options that LifebankUSA offers.

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