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Gaining Control of Digital Tools


At a Technology Crossroads

The marketing team at Investments & Wealth Institute needed a tiebreaker. Should they manage their marketing communications using the technology platform their website was built in—or consider a different solution?

Their Kentico EMS, in theory, could have provided a structure for marketing communications. But some team members hesitated. The site had been developed with a dated, template-based model that limited content editors’ ability to directly manage content. So before pushing ahead, Jamie Lewis, their Director of Business Application Solutions, came to Refactored, a recommended Kentico solutions provider, for confirmation of their plan.

They thought the response would be a no-brainer. However, the answer they got was a bit of a surprise. We told them HubSpot would be a better choice for their needs.

We explained that although Kentico’s solution was comprehensive, it would require considerable, ongoing developer work, from configuring the platform structure to managing templates, which would increase their costs and reduce the ability of their marketing team to execute initiatives in a timely way. In contrast, once a HubSpot instance was properly configured, their marketing and sales teams would be able to directly manage their programs and communications, saving time, expense, and frustration.


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Unlocking a Legacy Site

Recommending the solution that would make the Institute’s teams successful—rather than the solution that would land us the project—created a foundation for trust. Jamie began asking other questions as they came up. Soon we had established a highly supportive and productive relationship.

Because of their previous partner’s approach to building the website, every page change required a developer to create a new, unique page template. Their team wanted a way to unlock that site access for content editors.

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Tools That Work for Teams

Our team created a widget library that empowered editors to create pages on their own—with any layout that they needed—so they could communicate their most important messages to their highest value visitors.

This new access was a starting point for the Institute’s teams to transform their interaction with the site—and a point of leverage for us to help them rebuild additional site elements over time.

Building Momentum a Step at a Time

Within the predictable, defined structure of a monthly retainer, Refactored’s tech experts and developers helped the Institute’s teams better use the site and tools they had, tackling a wide-ranging series of projects including:

  • Completing a site audit and implementing SEO and performance updates

  • Revising blog content structure

  • Adding banners and rotating heroes to empower promotions

  • Revising site programming to improve usability for their editors

  • Addressing bugs in the site and integrations

  • Changing page elements that were locked in templates

  • Updating styles for text, images, and page graphic elements

  • Leveraging HotJar to give their marketers visibility into site use by members and prospects

In addition, we became a bridge builder between the Institute and other tech vendors. For example, their AMS platform is a massive software solution in which customer service is typically defined only through isolated work tickets. We were able to help the Institute fill gaps in troubleshooting and communication, providing direction to the vendor when needed to move forward requests that had previously stalled.

“Refactored has been able to do more for us in 2 months than our other partners were able to do in a year. Their pragmatic approach, responsiveness to our requests, and guidance on marketing strategy has made them an invaluable resource for Investments & Wealth Institute.”

Jamie Lewis, Director of Business Application Solutions, Investments & Wealth Institute

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Jump-Starting a Bigger Transformation

With each month, the Institute saw their day-to-day technology needs addressed. And they began to see opportunities for greater improvements in their tech usability.

The work we did demonstrated that an agency technology partner can bring a strategic perspective. And we helped their teams understand that the way a website is built can improve performance for site administrators, site visitors, and search engines. That realization has enabled the Institute’s leadership to think about building and maintaining the site in a modern way.

Now, they are empowered to make the decision to take on a bigger website replacement project—a step they might not have taken without the guidance of a partner with their best interests at heart.

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