What We Do

Find solutions custom tailored to reduce your stress, lighten your load—and genuinely solve your problems.

Our Approach

We believe in building long-lasting partnerships that lighten your load, surmount obstacles, and achieve critical business objectives. Our solutions are always tailored to solve your specific problems—and strategically integrated to support your team and processes.

What’s the Best Marketing Approach for Complex B2B Organizations?

A smart, customer-focused marketing strategy can help you hit your business goals while giving you peace of mind.

Refactored’s team of experts help you develop integrated solutions that work seamlessly together to enable you to meet the unique needs of your business and your customers.

We collaborate with you to develop targeted tactics that produce results that matter—and maintain momentum.

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Greg Matranga

“By transforming our approach to marketing, we were able to achieve our goals more quickly than I could have hoped. Refactored’s breadth of capabilities and depth of expertise enabled them to bridge our customers’ needs with our creative vision—and enabled InfinityQS to implement an integrated strategy across multiple channels. I can think of no one better to help me realize this marketing evolution than the team at Refactored.”

—Greg Matranga, Vice President of Global Marketing, InfinityQS

Where Does Marketing Momentum Start?

Our process helps you realize a greater vision—and experience tangible results.

First things first

Before we recommend a path to improvement, we take the time to understand your:

  • Company - goals, objectives, challenges, opportunities

  • Customers - needs, pains, buying attributes, ambitions

  • Digital marketing maturity - current state, gaps, path forward

Outcome: Through a collaborative and consultative start, we can recommend solutions that are most likely to help you meet your objectives.

What Is Digital Marketing Maturity—and Why Does It Matter?

Are you able to deliver—

  • the right messages and information

  • to the right people

  • at the right time in their journey

  • wherever they are?

If you answered yes, you’ve achieved digital marketing maturity (DMM).

If you’re looking for a roadmap to DMM—that’s where we can help.

At startup:

During our discovery and onboarding with you, we:

  • Determine your day-one areas of pain and need

  • Uncover which areas of marketing maturity truly impact your business

  • Develop a baseline maturity score (balancing important versus less-important criteria)

  • Prioritize recommendations and efforts based on this discovery

Ongoing optimization:

Over the course of your lifecycle with Refactored, we:

  • Periodically track progress against your baseline scores and business goals

  • Periodically review and update our original assessment of important and less-important criteria

  • Recommend new strategies and prioritize efforts to ensure we are working on initiatives that positively impact your business

B2B Complexity—Solved

We’re here to help you handle your most complicated B2B marketing challenges.

Identifying the right audience

Understanding the demographics, pain points, and decision-making process of the target audience is essential for effective B2B marketing.

Creating compelling content

B2B buyers are more informed and have higher expectations for the quality and relevance of the content they consume.

Building trust and credibility

B2B buyers are more skeptical and require more persuasion before making a purchase.

Demonstrating ROI

B2B buyers often have to justify their purchase to their superiors, so it's important to be able to demonstrate a tangible return on investment.

Managing and measuring the sales funnel

B2B buying cycles are longer and more complex, making it difficult to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Managing and nurturing leads

B2B buyers are more likely to research and compare multiple options before making a purchase, so you need a system in place to manage and nurture leads effectively.

Where Do We Start?

We love helping B2B and member-based organizations bring their stories to life.

And we’d love to hear from you and learn about your needs and goals.

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