Content Marketing Services

Engage buyers throughout their journey with customer-centric content—purposefully crafted.

Content is the heart of your marketing strategy.

You need marketing content to connect, educate, and convert. But content creation requires strategic planning, coordination, cross-channel integration, resources—and bandwidth.

At Refactored, we believe in content with purpose. We take pride in creating high-quality, highly marketable content—whether in website pages, digital ads, whitepapers and ebooks, email nurtures, sales collateral, or your blog—crafted with consistency and precision to drive the conversions and results your teams require.

Strategically Crafted Content

Let’s start where you are today.

Consistent Ongoing Content

Build SEO gravity and enhance search engine rankings with regular, original onsite content.

  • Blogs

  • Newsletters

  • Product news

  • Industry insights

Downloadable Assets

Showcase your expertise and thought leadership with in-depth marketing campaign vehicles.

  • White papers

  • Ebooks

  • Executive briefs

  • Case studies

Buyer Education

Build awareness, engage buying teams, and foster conversions.

  • Conversion-oriented website pages

  • Content pillars

  • Resource microsites

  • Email nurtures

Sales Enablement

Provide practical materials that help your sales team differentiate you from the competition.

  • Data sheets

  • Service brochures

  • Success stories

  • PowerPoints

  • Sales emails

Why Managed Content Services?

You’ve learned that “cheap content” is never cheap. Nobody has time—or money—to waste on rewriting bad copy.

Our senior-level content specialists work directly with your internal team and subject matter experts to ensure technical accuracy, consistent voice and tone, and seamless messaging across all your channels. That direct connection enables us to provide a full spectrum of managed content services to help you meet your critical goals.

Content Analysis and Strategy

Evaluate your brand's current content and understand its effectiveness to inform future content creation and messaging.

Strategic Program Recommendations

Apply market research and industry best practices to develop a roadmap for achieving your immediate and long-term objectives.

Topic Generation and Calendar Management

Identify, plan, and produce relevant and engaging topics and content that elevate your industry perspective and expertise—and consistently engage your target audience.

Content Project Management

Plan, organize, and oversee the creation, production, and distribution of your content, ensuring it meets your brand's goals and standards.

Content Writing and Editing

Remove the heavy lifting of creating and revising blogs, site content, downloadable assets, and even video scripts—with the assurance of spot-on quality.

Design and Production

Drive brand recognition and engagement with professional visual and multimedia design and polished asset production.

Campaign-Ready Content

Marketing content doesn’t function in a vacuum.

Your content is central to your go-to-market strategy—but you need to coordinate a lot of moving parts to execute a campaign. Managed content services provide core content assets, ads, and conversion elements—consistently crafted, interconnected, and market-ready. Imagine all the elements to support your cross-channel campaign—delivered together, ready for turnkey activation.


Educate, inspire, and engage with customer-centric assets including ebooks, case studies, videos, and more.


Spark a response with social posts, ads, graphics, and animations.


Build confidence—and conversations—with landing pages that give visitors a reason to buy.

“As a small marketing team we’re constantly being pulled in multiple directions. From sales needs to event support and PR, we have a lot on our plate. What we needed from an agency was the additional horsepower to drive our key initiatives forward. Consistency, quality, and delivery were top on our priority list and Refactored has come in with everything we needed plus insights driven from a customer-centric perspective.“

— Liz Palm, Marketing Director, Protech Associates

How We Work Together

Full content program management.

A dedicated and invested partner does more than alleviate your content production backlog. With strategic insights and professional expertise, managed content services help you sharpen your marketing focus and build momentum to achieve your key marketing and sales objectives.


We start by developing a deep understanding of your brand and goals, taking the time to review and learn about your:

  • Company, products, and services

  • Marketing initiatives and goals

  • Marketing and sales objectives

  • Audience and customer personas

  • Buyer journey and sales process

  • Messaging, resources, and brand style

  • Content gaps and needs

Building strong relationships

We establish the foundations to support your team’s success:

  • Connect with and showcase your SMEs

  • Establish ongoing updates, communication protocols, and workflows

  • Collaborate for rich topic development

  • Create and manage a shared content calendar

  • Enable visibility into project status at every step

Responsive refinement and expansion

To maintain content program momentum, we monitor your results and provide recommendations for:

  • Replacements or revisions to underperforming assets

  • Iterative extensions to ongoing programs

  • Opportunities for repurposing and re-tooling existing assets

  • Leveraging video, animations, infographics, and more

Greg Matranga

“A crucial aspect of our marketing evolution was to fully articulate the unique value of our solutions. We needed to understand why customers should—and ideally would—buy from us rather than one of our competitors. Otherwise, how would we be able to help prospects come to that same conclusion? By centering on the customer in this way, we were able to focus our resources on reaching the right audience, improving the likelihood of successful conversions.”

—Greg Matranga, Vice President of Global Marketing, InfinityQS

Tell your story—and elevate your value.

We love helping B2B and member-based organizations bring their stories to life. And we’d love to hear from you and learn about your needs and goals.

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