Bolstering Product Adoption with a Storyblok-based Microsite


Digital Transformation

InfinityQS® is the leading provider of Statistical Process Control (SPC) software and services to manufacturers worldwide. With 40,000+ installed licenses currently in use, InfinityQS quality management solutions save leading manufacturers millions of dollars each year. Like many traditional software companies, InfinityQS is undergoing a digital transformation in an effort to modernize its offerings.

To achieve this, the company has introduced a cloud-based solution called Enact® to provide customers with innovative SPC software that delivers benefits at the center of their manufacturing processes. But one of the chief elements missing from this shift has been how InfinityQS sells the software. Instead of a traditional, consultative approach to sales, the company has recognized the need to introduce a more contemporary Software as a Service (SaaS) model to increase product awareness and adoption.


  • Learning Microsite

  • Educational & Promotional Videos

  • Digital Collateral

Service Offerings

  • Customer-journey mapping

  • UX Consultation

  • Technology analysis & integration

  • Content strategy

  • Website Design & Development

  • SEO strategy & implementation

  • Ecommerce integration, provision & sequencing


Guided Learning Center

To strengthen the Enact offering, InfinityQS worked with Refactored to develop a modern strategy to increase sales of product licenses. First, InfinityQS would offer free, full-use Enact subscriptions so prospects could experience Enact’s value firsthand. Second, subscribers would gain access to a new Enact Guided Learning Center that includes instructional videos for a quick setup of the platform. Built in Storyblok, new users can leverage these practical resources to help get the most from the software.

Additionally, Refactored architected the Guided Learning Center so it can scale as InfinityQS adds more resources and learning paths in the future. Refactored and InfinityQS also developed a buyer journey for the “Freemium” offer that contains a 10-step email campaign. New subscribers receive nurture emails to ensure they complete the setup before introducing ideas for scaling and expansion with the software to achieve greater ROI. Finally, subscribers are also sent a series of in-app messages, serving as reminders for users to harness the full capabilities of the Enact software.


Increasing Adoption

Throughout the project, InfinityQS partnered with Refactored in architecture, development, and campaign messaging. As a result, the free-trial approach has led to greater engagement and adoption of the software. The Guided Learning Center has ensured new users will learn the software to experience its value before buying at scale across plants, sites, and enterprises. With their innovative approach to advancing Enact in the manufacturing industry, InfinityQS is well on their way to reaching their ambitious goal of achieving 1,000 free subscriptions within the first six months of the campaign launch.

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Greg Matranga

“The visual editor in Storyblok was the winner for us. Having a live preview gives our editors a powerful editing experience.”

 – Greg Matranga, Vice President of Global Marketing, InfinityQS

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