Rebranding for a Leading-Edge Relaunch


Clearing Brand Creep

Fighting brand creep is an ongoing effort for many organizations. Over time, individuals and teams tinker with brand standards as they create content and ads; templates shift; colors morph; and your style inexplicably merges with your partners and vendors. The result is messy, blurry, indistinct branding that loses its punch.

When that happens, it’s time for a brand refresh. That’s where InfinityQS was at the start of a major product campaign: the launch of a new product-led sales model for their industry-leading manufacturing quality platform, Enact.

The product is an elegant solution that enables manufacturers to extract extraordinary value from their production data. But although Enact had evolved since its inception, its logo and primary look and feel had not been updated. And the company’s brand, overall, had experienced that slow creep.

InfinityQS needed a clear, unified message embodied in a clean, modern look to bring visibility and impact to their product relaunch.


Logo Refresh

Brand Guidelines

Social Media Assets

Website Redesign

Digital Collateral Refresh

Service Offerings

Brand Strategy

Persona Research & Development

Visual Brand Identity

Content Audit & Strategy

Competitor Analysis

Brand & Product Messaging


Visuals That Speak Volumes

InfinityQS is in a unique position to support and accelerate the efforts of the people at the heart of manufacturing operations—and help them deliver positive business outcomes. Enact’s relaunch needed to clearly speak to those audiences, so we started by reviewing and updating their personas, as well as their product and company messaging.

Those foundational messages acted as an emotional and tonal guide for the development of a complete uplift of InfinityQS’s visual brand. Starting with the existing brand’s primary colors, our design team created a modern look and feel that still retains the authority of the industry-leading brand.

  • Logos for the company and its products were given a very subtle treatment, ensuring these familiar images remain easily recognizable.

  • Graphic elements and background treatments were given a more significant uplift, incorporating strong colors and patterns to bring continuity across web pages, content assets, and external channel uses.

  • Iconography was modernized, using bright tones and clean lines.

  • Fonts that had a dated feel were replaced with modern typography.

  • And photo imagery was chosen to emphasize the interactions between the machines, humans, and data at the heart of manufacturing operations.

Original Product Identities

Refreshed Product Identities

Data Is


InfinityQS® is the leading provider of Statistical Process Control (SPC) software and services to manufacturers worldwide. With 40,000+ installed licenses currently in use, InfinityQS quality management solutions save leading manufacturers millions of dollars each year. Like many traditional software companies, InfinityQS is undergoing a digital transformation in an effort to modernize its offerings.


Data Is Beautiful

The InfinityQS visual brand serves to communicate the essence of what the company offers the world: data visualization that is masterful, powerful, helpful, and intelligent.

By using clean lines, friendly typography, bold colors, and patterns inspired by the movement of data, InfinityQS’s new brand shows the world that data is beautiful.

Greg Matranga

“A crucial aspect of our marketing evolution was to fully articulate the unique value of our solutions. We needed to understand why customers should—and ideally would—buy from us rather than one of our competitors. Otherwise, how would we be able to help prospects come to that same conclusion? By centering on the customer in this way, we were able to focus our resources on reaching the right audience, improving the likelihood of successful conversions."

-Greg Matranga, Vice President of Global Marketing, InfinityQS

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