Targeted Strategy and Precision Execution


Need for a New Platform

After a year hiatus on digital advertising leading up to a new platform release, InfinityQS (a market leader in quality intelligence software) was ready to renew its pay-per-click (PPC) program. A new product, new branding, and new website design demanded a renewed advertising effort—and Refactored was ready to deliver.

The objectives:

  • Get the company back into the market after nearly a year away.

  • Support new brand and messaging awareness.

  • Generate high-quality leads, demo requests, and free trial downloads.

  • …and make it all affordable.


Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Digital Marketing Program

Service Offerings

Digital Marketing Strategy

Paid Media Program Management

Campaign Creative

Campaign Tracking & Reporting


It’s All in the Context

Our solution began with strategic keyword selection and ad buys, using a combination of brand and generic terms while maintaining SEO strength. We integrated IP and keyword matching, moving to exact and modified broad match and remarketing for search ads.

We also coordinated with our web team to test and optimize landing pages and CTAs. Our display strategy included IP, email, and keyword context targeting across multiple channels.

Finally, we tracked and measured results and fine-tuned ads and landing pages to help ensure high-quality leads.


Cost Down, Clicks Up

Over the life of the initial PPC campaign, cost per conversion was reduced 56%. Additional savings were realized through custom scheduling.

We shifted conversions away from webinar and whitepaper downloads, bumping up conversions of lead-generating content (e.g., demo requests, software trials) from less than 20% to 78%.

Search click-through rate (CTR) and Display CTR both rose significantly, as did the number of higher value, sales-focused website conversions, with an even greater improvement after the launch of mobile support  for the client’s redesigned site.

Silver 2018 Gold Key Award: Paid, Owned, Earned Media - $150K +

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