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InfinityQS, a market leader in quality software for manufacturing, has always used a traditional, high-touch, consultative sales model. However, as they matured their cloud-based quality platform, Enact, they saw an opportunity to enable a new journey—one that puts customers in the driver’s seat and empowers them to gain meaningful value from the software faster.

A product-led, SaaS-based sales model would eliminate friction and risk, giving prospective customers:

  • Immediate access to a limited number of “freemium” licenses

  • The means to explore the software’s capabilities in their live production environments

  • Significantly shorter time to value

  • Shareable data to make the case for purchase and expansion of the software

To make the pivot happen within their incredibly tight timeframe—just three months from start to launch—InfinityQS turned to Refactored, a trusted partner who could drive momentum across all the moving parts and keep them on track to meet their incredibly tight timeframe.

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  • New Product and Company Messaging

  • Website Content, Banners & Landing Pages

  • Page-Level SEO Revisions

  • Digital Paid & Social Campaigns

  • Ecommerce Integration

  • Guided Learning Microsite

  • Microsite Video Strategy

  • Nurture & Support Emails

Service Offerings

  • Strategy and UX

  • Brand and Product Messaging

  • Technology Analysis & Integration

  • Website Development

  • Content Strategy & Development

  • SEO Strategy & Implementation

  • Digital Marketing Strategy & Creative

  • Video Strategy & Production

  • Ecommerce Integration, Provision & Sequencing

  • Project & Resource Management


Parallel Production Paths

Whether you’re pivoting from an existing sales model or launching a brand-new SaaS product, it’s critical to understand the end-to-end process that will keep you on track and help ensure a successful launch. As a full-service agency, Refactored has established processes that enable us to simultaneously manage multiple project elements.

InfinityQS realized they'd need to overhaul their entire customer startup experience—from messaging, website content, and SEO strategy to pricing, purchase, onboarding, and expansion pathways. And they’d need to re-imagine their internal and external processes along the way.

Coordinating our technical, content, marketing, and design teams with InfinityQS’s internal teams, we anchored the project by focusing first on essential, foundational elements: new company and product messaging, customer journey mapping, user experience design, and technology selection. With those elements in place, we could put teams to work blocking and tackling the website changes, microsite build, ecommerce integration, and site content revision and optimization.

Aligning Technology, Content, and Campaigns

Our technical experts leveraged existing knowledge to recommended technologies that would be cost- and time-effective to enable critical infrastructure. NetSuite enabled us to leverage InfinityQS’s legacy customer database while sharing key customer attributes with other systems. We paired Storyblok and Netlify to flexibly enable content management and hosting for the Enact Guided Learning microsite. User List provided the means to push nurtures, reminders, and prompts to new users, and User Pilot enabled an in-app messaging service for active Enact users.

At the same time, content marketing and design teams developed digital and social ad campaigns, built landing pages, rewrote site content, and created nurtures to ensure a connected user experience from first touch to conversion to onboarding.


Tangible Measures of Success

Our focused efforts paid off with the on-time and coordinated launch of all program elements and digital promotions for the Enact product-led subscription program. Within the first 3 weeks, InfinityQS had reached nearly 10% of their signup goal, with more than 50% of total signups coming organically from the newly optimized website. And the new product-led process was empowering customers by removing the risk and roadblocks involved in trying new software.

  • No more pre-approvals—Quality professionals and engineers working on a manufacturing plant floor don’t have to wait to see how the software will benefit them.

  • Reduced friction—InfinityQS has successfully transitioned away from the time- and resource-intensive sales-led onboarding process.

  • Automated signup and startup—Customers are empowered to use the product and experience its benefits where they matter most: in their real-world production environments.

  • Ongoing learning—Guided Learning content is easy to access in a library where each user can find information tailored to their specific needs.

And, because product-led doesn’t mean hands-off, we put in place key metrics to enable ongoing monitoring of user signups, activation, and retention. A product-led approach isn’t right for every organization, but for InfinityQS, it was a logical next step in their product evolution.

Read the Full Case Study
Greg Matranga

“The visual editor in Storyblok was the winner for us. Having a live preview gives our editors a powerful editing experience.”

 – Greg Matranga, Vice President of Global Marketing, InfinityQS

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