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InfinityQS had successfully implemented a rebranding and marketing evolution that set them apart from competitors in their space. They also had a lead in organic search for the highest-volume keywords related to the way manufacturers use data intelligence and statistical process control (SPC) software to improve quality management.

However, their efforts drew interest not just from potential customers but also from competitors, who followed their lead and began attempting to increase keyword volume on their sites. InfinityQS needed to respond quickly to maintain their organic lead.


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Elevating the Conversation

An analysis of searches for key terms and related concepts indicated a need for entry-level information for teams who wanted to learn more about quality efforts or SPC software capabilities.

The InfinityQS website already contained substantial customer-focused educational content. In addition, the company had a wealth of unpublished information about the topics their audience was seeking.

Refactored used these resources to produce three new interactive, multi-page resource sections:

  • The Definitive Guide to SPC Charts

  • SPC 101 for Manufacturing

  • SPC Glossary

Each of these new sections was evaluated for SEO as well as relevance, clarity, and overall fit with the existing site.


In less than four months, the new optimized content resulted in a combined increase of 325 keyword rankings and a 366% increase in organic sessions.

These highly engaging pages have also increased visitor time on page by a remarkable 4:09 minutes.

The content has acted as an enforcer of existing keyword rankings, supporting the InfinityQS website by adding 248 keywords sitewide, 13 keywords in the top 3 positions, and 72 keywords in the top 4-10 positions. 

Most important, the pages demonstrate that InfinityQS is invested in the learning and success of their customers—and in the education of the next generation of quality professionals in manufacturing.

Winner of a Gold 2019 Fourteener Award & Best of Show for Strategy
SEO Program $75K - $150K

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