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For more than 50 years, the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) has supported collegiate students, K-12 students, and working professionals in the areas of engineering and technology. Today, the student-governed organization has more than 600 chapters and 24,000 members working to help black engineers succeed academically and excel professionally. To better support their mission, NSBE needed a modern, mobile-optimized website. A shift in technology and a subsequent website redesign better represented the brand and also created an enhanced experience for visitors.


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NSBE wanted to modernize their website by transitioning from the current AMS and integrating a new solution: Fonteva. This was no small undertaking and required a great deal of rebuilding by our technicians. A team of experts familiar with Kentico, NSBE’s current web content management system (CMS), worked with multiple stakeholders to integrate NSBE’s new AMS and modernize its Kentico solution on .NET core MVC.


Communicating a Vibrant Mission

Our collaboration with NSBE resulted in a cleaner, clearer, and more compelling website. With enhanced visuals, concise copy, and a more contemporary and vibrant feel, we helped NSBE achieve three key goals: Align and modernize the brand, improve site navigation, and optimize the site for mobile. A variety of audiences—from K-12 students to engineering professionals—can now locate, access, and interact with the resources they need on a website that more thoroughly represents NSBE’s mission.

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