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Over the past few years, marketing leaders across the Western United States have faced an increasingly challenging industry. Recognizing the opportunities that these challenges present, Refactored made it our mission to leverage our collective knowledge—and those of our clients and peers—to provide insights, tips, and motivation through a new website, Modern Marketing Leader. Initially geared toward agencies and individuals in the region and now expanding beyond it, the website has allowed a tight-knit community to flourish that benefits everyone involved through actionable advice, industry events, and networking.




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Evolutionary Approach

As an agency, Refactored strives to elevate our customers’ success ahead of our own interests. We’ve made strategic changes to more effectively serve our clients and help them succeed in an ever-evolving, increasingly complex, global economy. We wanted the Modern Marketing Leader website to exemplify that objective. We partnered with Sitefinity, The Marketing Alliance, and the American Marketing Association, to parse their input on important issues and pivot points for our target audience: corporate marketing directors of midsize to enterprise B2B organizations. Then, we created content in the form of video interviews, a “Get Help” page, a social marketing program, and live events.


Overcoming Adversity

Modern Marketing Leader demonstrates how to connect with clients, empathize with their challenges, and develop effective marketing strategies. Refactored has connected with numerous clients, agencies, and organizations who have recognized our agency’s leadership and are now receptive to discussing their business needs with us. Moreover, we have presented our findings to 45 agencies as a use case in market research and client connections. The website is a unique and effective resource for our clients, and our presentation of it has been a hit topic at Marketing Alliance events and the Kentico U.S. Partner Summit.

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2020 Fourteeners Awards Silver Award: Modern Marketing Leader

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