Western Research Institute

Trusted Tech Advisor for More Than Two Decades

WRI continually moves their mission forward.

As a nonprofit research organization, Western Research Institute faces the ongoing challenge of supporting their members and advancing their mission—with limited resources. Their collaborative relationship with Refactored enables them to work within their means while maintaining steady momentum toward meaningful objectives.

By leveraging long-term knowledge of their organization, we are able to support them cost-efficiently. When they wanted to move to a modern content management system (CMS) that would position them for future change, Refactored facilitated the migration, moving them to Storyblok, a CMS that provides multiple benefits:

  • Dramatically improved user experience

  • Intuitively integrated ecommerce, form submissions, and other key functions

  • Digitization of their core annual meeting, the Petersen Asphalt Research Conference (PARC)

Now, they are positioned to pivot into a vibrant online community—empowering ongoing conversations that support, elevate, and accelerate their important research.

With a modern platform that’s expandable, scalable, and adaptable to a variety of needs, WRI has the flexibility to achieve both incremental and aspirational goals. We are always here to help them move forward at their own pace, thoughtfully, in ways that make sense for them and their members.


  • Brand

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Technology Research & Strategy

  • Web Design & Development

  • User Experience Design

  • Application Integration

  • Ecommerce Integration

  • Website & Technology Support

“Having worked with Refactored for many years, we trusted them to migrate our website to a Storyblok headless CMS, enabling centralized content management. Now, we can coordinate digital outreach across multiple web properties and customer experiences. And we’re positioned to roll out ecommerce and an online community—flexibility that’s built in to help us grow.”

— Morena Wroblewski, Information Technology Manager, Western Research Institute

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