Want to Be a Marketing Leader? Learn from the Best


What do you do when you need to solve a problem? Not the kind where you can Google a quick answer, but one that requires thought, multiple possible approaches, and a perspective outside yourself?

For that kind of problem solving, a great approach is to sit down and have a conversation with people who are engaged with the same problem. Those experiences will be a little different from yours, so they’ll bring fresh insights that can help you see how to overcome the roadblocks and reach the successful outcome you’re after.

That’s the intention behind our new peer perspectives website Modern Marketing Leader.

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Getting the Conversation Started: What’s Holding You Back?

In our agency, we hear about our clients’ big goals and dreams—and the struggles they face in achieving them—all the time. And we realized that a lot of the stories have similar themes. Marketers in big enterprises or small startups, teams of 20 or teams of one, all face hurdles when:

  • Addressing change in their organizations, markets, and industries

  • Owning the customer experience and making it exceptional

  • Driving revenue—and making the connection back to marketing

  • Managing their teams, inside and outside their organizations

  • Choosing the right technology—and getting the most out of it

We decided to do something to bring those common voices to life.

Leveraging the Community of Experts to Create Momentum

We sat down with some of the top marketing leaders in our local region and talked with them about their biggest marketing issues, what holds them back, and how they get past those roadblocks—or even turn them into opportunities.

We are fortunate to be operating our agency in a region where we have the support of some outstanding marketing associations and community connections.

  • We turned to The Marketing Alliance, our Colorado-based connection to entrepreneurial marketers who come together for professional development, networking, and education on a regular basis.

  • We sought out our partners at the Colorado chapter of the American Marketing Association, experts in elevating the voices of marketers and building a strong community for marketing professionals.

  • We looked for a technical perspective from our newest marketing platform partner, Progress Software, makers of the Sitefinity Digital Experience Platform, a versatile website and marketing platform that enables impactful, personalized customer experiences.

Through these partners, we connected to some outstanding marketing leaders who are taking a true leadership role in their organizations.

Bringing Strong Leadership to Life

The result is a video library of insights and experience you won’t find anywhere else. We encourage you to visit, browse, and absorb inspiration from these conversations. Through short, easy video snippets, you’ll get answers to questions such as:

How Do We Keep Our Marketing Programs Fresh?

How Can We Build a Cohesive Customer Experience?

How Do We Leverage Outside Partners to Get Projects Done?

Taking the Lead in Your Career: Always Be Learning

As we recorded our conversations with these marketers, we realized that this is a conversation that is never over. Marketing is constantly changing, and the challenges and opportunities that are still to come are what keep us excited about our roles – and enthusiastic about our careers.

We hope you’ll visit Modern Marketing Leader, bookmark the site, and come back to it often. Look for updates and additions over the coming months. And let us know your thoughts.

Marketing Doesn’t Happen in Isolation

Please visit and connect with our partners, who contributed their time and resources to make Modern Marketing Leader happen.