Better Customer Relationships for Long-Term Growth: Kentico Partner Summit Q2 2018


Are you a Kentico Partner who wants to build long-lasting relationships with your clients so that they stay clients—and work with you for more than just a single website project? So do we!

That’s why we’ve made Growth Mindset the theme of the Q2 2018 Kentico Partner Summit.

Q2 2018 Kentico Partner Summit
Thursday, April 12, 2018
8:30 AM – 4:00 AM EDT

3635 Perkins Ave.
Studio 5SW, Cleveland, OH 44114

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Growth in Mind: Long-term relationships are more profitable relationships.

All too often, clients come to us with the expectation that a website redesign is a one-shot, limited-scope project. But a new model is emerging that offers both clients and agencies tremendous advantages.
As companies, project teams, and customer needs change, websites must respond and adapt. This quarter’s summit will explore how we can approach website creation with a view toward ongoing, iterative, and performance-based development. Starting with a foundational design, we’ll look to create a model for clearer expectations; a flexible, data-based process; and ongoing deliverables that provide better results and value for our clients.

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Kentico Partner Summits are participation-driven—so we have lots of ways for you to join in.


For registration, a detailed schedule, and travel information, check out the Kentico Partner Summit Q2 2018 event page.


Reach out to our event organizers Brian McKeiver and Rob Bean if you are interested in speaking at this event or another—and if you are interested in hosting a future event.

Rob Bean | Refactored
Partner | Marketing Strategist

Brian McKeiver | BizStream
Partner | Kentico MVP


At the event, reach out to your fellow Kentico Partners—owners, executives, and decision makers who live and breathe the technology and management of Kentico-powered agencies. We’ll have opportunities for productive conversations before, during, and after the event. (BONUS: BOWLING)
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