Reaching the Summit: Refactored Takes Home 4 Fourteener Awards


Refactored is proud to announce that our clients InfinityQS and U.S. Borax (part of Rio Tinto) were honored with awards in the 2019 Fourteeners competition (formerly known as the Gold Key Awards).

These annual honors are presented by the Colorado chapters of the Business Marketing Association (BMA) and American Marketing Association (AMA). Each year, hundreds of marketing professionals in the Rocky Mountain Region compete for recognition of outstanding campaigns, projects, and other work.

"We’re honored to help our clients realize their award-winning vision. For three years running, InfinityQS and U.S. Borax have been raising the bar on their marketing efforts, have improved the customer experience, and are generating impressive results that support the bottom line."
–Rob Bean, Partner

Gold Award & Best of Show

Multiyear winner InfinityQS brought home another Gold award this year. In addition, this powerful leadership-enhancing program was recognized as Best of Show for Strategy.

Building an Organic Powerhouse: InfinityQS

SEO Program: P,O,E Media ($75K–$150K)

Celebrating outstanding paid, owned, and earned media efforts within the specified budget (which includes production costs) across one or more channels, this award was well deserved. After years of dominance thanks to targeted rebranding, redesign, product launch, and PPC program efforts, InfinityQS wasn’t about to rest on its laurels.

The competition had caught on and released previously locked content in an effort to win back organic traffic to their website. Through market research and work with InfinityQS experts, we identified the strength of searches related to the keyword SPC (statistical process control), the foundational concept of the company’s software solutions. Competitors were eating into InfinityQS’s share of organic traffic related to the term.

In response, we worked with InfinityQS to expand its existing SPC-related content. To do so efficiently and cost-effectively, we used existing resources, including a published book on the use of SPC control charts—authored by two of the company’s quality experts—and training materials that the company had used in customer onboarding. After securing the necessary rights, we repurposed this content in three new interactive, multipage resource sections. We evaluated each section for SEO and overall fit with the existing site.

This material perfectly fit the need for 100-level SPC content, adding 248 keywords across the site and providing highly relevant, useful resources for users seeking that information. In under four months, the new content generated a 366% increase in organic sessions and boosted time on page by over 4 minutes.
Read more about this project.

Project team: Matt Fiore, Sam Bedford and Healther Schallert (Pico Digital)
Laura Frese, Kile Lindgren, Rob Bean, and Dawn Cyr

Silver Awards

Two client projects earned Silver awards.

Personalizing Content at Scale: InfinityQS

Programs: ABM

Account-based marketing (ABM) programs are a popular approach to engaging increasingly hard-to-reach customers. For InfinityQS, lengthy sales cycles and changing customer research habits posed challenges for the company’s Marketing and Sales teams. A growing number of mergers and acquisitions among its customer base presented new opportunities to expand its footprint—but it needed a way to reach prospects.

In line with the company’s long-term strategy, we helped InfinityQS develop and launch an ABM pilot program. The program featured a fully developed, multitier strategy and a custom personalization tool, CompassABM. Up and running within three months, the pilot quickly contributed to nearly $3 million in sales and service opportunities. Read more about this project.

Telling a Compelling Story: U.S. Borax

Website Rebrand: Corporate Websites ($150K+)

This category celebrates exceptional corporate website design and development with budgets in excess of $150K, including production costs. Earning a Silver award in the category, U.S. Borax’s site rebrand involves the transformation of complex scientific and industrial information into a meaningful story that helps customers and the public understand the true impact of the company’s products and expertise.

Having previously collaborated to design the company’s award-winning Agriculture microsite—a project that contributed to a 123% increase in global revenue—we were already familiar with U.S. Borax priorities and products. To turn the U.S. Borax site into a powerful asset, we developed a compelling story around boron’s elemental status and borates’ essential uses in today’s society. This story focuses on three pillars—food, energy, and shelter—and the potential applications and benefits of U.S. Borax products in each area. A warm, modernized, open look and feel and intuitive site navigation underpin the rebrand; a searchable Resources page helps visitors quickly find needed materials. An enhanced blog highlights the company’s industry leadership and knowledge and amplifies the dedication and community commitment of U.S. Borax experts.

Since the redesign, pageviews are up 38%, with more than 20% of overall traffic coming from organic, social, and referral sources. The bounce rate is down 15%, and overall product page engagement rose a whopping 2,062%. Read more about this project.

Project team: Matt Fiore, ​Laura Frese, Dawn Cyr, Kile Lindgren, and Rob Bean