Is ABM Right for You? Untangle Account-Based Marketing


Most of us have heard a lot about account-based marketing (ABM) recently. More and more B2B organizations are employing ABM—and seeing dramatic results. But do you know if ABM will work for you? And if you are considering ABM, where do you start?

If you are asking these questions, you’re not alone. In our October Keynote with BMA Colorado, Refactored dug into the practical aspects of ABM to present a workable approach to getting started with a personalized marketing program. If you couldn’t make that live event, here’s another chance. Join us and Kentico Software for our upcoming Market Insights webinar.

Kentico Market Insights Webinar: Untangling ABM

DATE: Wednesday, November 14
TIME: 10:00 – 11:00 AM MST

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In just an hour, you’ll learn:

  • The three types of ABM and how they differ

  • The criteria to consider when deciding whether ABM is right for you

  • What to expect from an ABM program

  • A solid process for launching an ABM pilot

  • What technology is (and isn’t) necessary to do ABM right

What does it take for sales people in your organization to close a sale?

More important: What does it take to close a really BIG sale, one that provides a direct boost for today’s revenue and ongoing upsell and cross-sell opportunities?

In Untangling Account-Based Marketing, we address these questions by showcasing the process of Refactored and our client, InfinityQS, as we created and launched an ABM program aimed at establishing the personal connections that are critical to their sales team—and dramatically shortening the sales cycle.

Through this real-world example, you’ll get an understanding of your options for leveraging the various levels of ABM within your organization. And you’ll leave the session with a clear, compelling case to take back to your marketing, sales, and executive teams for ABM in your organization.

Join us!