Is Your Marketing Tech Stack Slowing You Down?


Simplify marketing campaign management with HubSpot

It’s time to market your new product or service. You’ve planned, strategized, and even delegated tasks. Now you’re ready to launch your latest marketing campaign – including ads, blogs, email sequences, landing pages, forms, social media, sales collateral, and more.

But there’s a problem: Your multi-layered tech stack is causing friction.

As marketers, you know aligning your sales and marketing team is paramount to running a successful campaign. But you have too many tech platforms. Coordination between teams is difficult. Managing your campaign and all its assets is time-consuming. It’s time to simplify your tech stack and set up your multi-channel efforts in a way that works for you, not against you. In other words, you need a complete marketing automation tool like HubSpot.

What Is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a full suite of software designed for inbound marketing automation and management. And it’s the only marketing automation platform built on top of a CRM platform, which means you can find all your campaign tools and customer data in one place.

Why is HubSpot a great solution? Let’s look at some common challenges companies face today and how HubSpot helps solve them:

1. Managing multiple tools

With HubSpot, all your marketing, sales, and reporting efforts are in one platform. You don’t have to piece together different tools, logins, and spreadsheets to keep track of every tactic you’re using to promote your products or services.

2. Disconnected customer data

Did that person convert? Did they get added into the right email sequence? Can your sales team easily access this information so they can schedule a meeting?

HubSpot offers a robust platform that supports all your business functions with their hubs (sales, marketing, customer service, CMS, and operations). All user interactions, contact information, analytics, conversions and more live in one place.

3. Access issues

On-demand access to reports and data are crucial to monitor campaign health and effectiveness. If you have multiple systems, you may waste time while waiting for a colleague with access to pull a report or collect data.

In HubSpot, users can receive universal access to reports. You can cross reference information across departments from marketing to sales to customer satisfaction – and pull custom data. Powerful filters enable you to measure everything in your campaign and share with stakeholders.

Need more ad budget? Need different language on a landing page? Need to recalibrate with sales? No problem. HubSpot’s reporting can give you immediate answers to those questions.

4. Navigating a complex buyer’s journey

Buying behavior has changed. Customers research products and services extensively online. They expect to see valuable content that supports and informs their buying decision.

Dynamic tools -- informed by user actions -- can make it easier to manage a more complex buyer’s journey. HubSpot offers robust workflows and automation to complement campaigns, including account-based marketing (ABM). That allows you to customize information during each step of the sales cycle. This personalization can generate momentum throughout your pipeline.

See why over 7,000 people gave HubSpot’s Marketing Hub 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2, a third-party software review site.

Simplify Management with the Campaigns Tool

The Campaigns Tool is a tool within the Marketing Hub designed to streamline campaign management (available on Pro and Enterprise subscriptions). Teams can create, manage, and work together from one central place.

The Campaigns Tool allows users to:

  • Easily measure campaign and asset performance

  • Set campaign goals

  • Assign tasks

  • Define your audience

This means your diverse tech stack can be simplified into one tool. (Anyone feeling relief here?!)

And the Campaigns Tool delivers results. HubSpot found that customers who leverage the Campaigns Tool see a 62% increase in web traffic over those who don't use it.

Some additional benefits to using this multi-channel tool include:

  • A single data stack to drive consistent, reliable targeting and personalization

  • Easy to use and adopt across teams with collaboration and management tools

  • Complete and flexible reporting shows the engagement and business impact across all your marketing campaign assets

Helpful Tips

These features found in HubSpot can help align your teams and improve the success of your campaigns.

  • Calendar: Users have full visibility of all marketing assets and their scheduled publish dates

  • Tasks: Assign campaign-specific actions to streamline execution

  • Comments: Give immediate feedback by tagging your teammates

  • Reporting: Combine business metrics and easily bring stakeholders together to make data-backed decisions, like attribution, web traffic and filtered analytics

  • Automation: Automate your lifecycle stage, lead status, and lead scoring management to see a clear picture of performance and efficiently drive leads to sales.

If your team is looking to streamline marketing campaign management and simplify your tech stack, choose HubSpot.

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