The ABM Shift: Overcome Cost Barriers to Account-Based Marketing


In just the past few years, account-based marketing (ABM) has been getting a lot of buzz as the new gold standard for marketing. A highly personalized approach gives B2B marketing and sales teams a way to speak directly to their most important potential customers. That direct line of communication is shown to shorten sales cycles and enable higher-dollar sales to higher-value customers.

Better customer engagement, better sales.
So why isn’t everyone using an ABM strategy?

If you’ve looked into what it would take to implement ABM, you already know the answer: ABM can be very expensive—in more ways than one.
At Refactored, we have recognized that the cost and resources required for ABM present significant barriers to many organizations. We’ve set out to break down those barriers.
This week, Refactored announced CompassABM for Kentico, our online platform designed to help organizations launch, build, and maintain successful ABM programs at an affordable price.


The ABM Trifecta: Technology, Strategy, Content

Although the concept has been around for decades, the practice of ABM requires significant investments.

Technology is often what stops ABM before it starts. For most B2B organizations, website and content personalization is too complex to execute without software to orchestrate it. Unfortunately, even before you begin the detailed work of account development and content creation, you may discover that the cost of a content customization tool immediately exceeds the allocated budget.

What use is an ABM platform if it costs $100,000 or more—and leaves little or nothing for the execution of an effective ABM engagement strategy?

As Kentico experts, we designed CompassABM to extend existing Kentico APIs and provide the core functionality you need to execute ABM—at a fraction of the cost of most ABM solutions. CompassABM provides a simple, affordable tool for:

  • Identifying target accounts

  • Reporting activity to sales

  • Providing key stakeholders with targeted messaging and customized content

  • Growing relationships

  • Closing sales

Learn how you can implement ABM more easily with a product designed for Kentico.

How will your ABM program look? Start with the right strategy.

Companies simply can’t skimp on the account research, program planning, and sales and marketing collaboration that enable a successful ABM effort. Fortunately, ABM can take a variety of forms and address many of your ideal customers, just a few, or even just one “big fish.”
You don’t have to jump into a full one-to-one ABM strategy right out of the gate. A pilot program can help you demonstrate a path to success and lay the groundwork for a more extensive program. Understanding your options for delivering successful ABM is the first step in persuading your team that their time and effort will pay off.

Get talking points you can use to make your case for ABM.

Is bandwidth your biggest hurdle? Clear it with ease.

Many organizations find themselves in a tough position: They know they can benefit from ABM but they simply don’t have the resources or skillsets in their internal teams to pull off the intense setup and maintenance that ABM requires.
The experts at Refactored are ready to help. We can partner with your internal team to extend your bandwidth—or execute a full program so that your team can continue supporting your existing sales and marketing programs. We can support you with a variety of services including:

  • Gaining buy-in and developing an appropriate strategy for your needs

  • Researching target accounts and list development

  • Website and content gap analysis and creation of custom web copy, web components, and content assets

  • Deployment of CompassABM on your Kentico-based website and execution of your program

  • Digital promotion

  • Measurement and adjustment of your ongoing program

Learn more about the services that can support your successful ABM program.

Overcoming the cost barrier: ABM that works for you

Today’s technologies—such as the personalization capabilities in Kentico—make ABM easier than it has been in the past. At Refactored we feel ABM customization tools should be available to any organization, not just those with the deepest pockets and most extensive resources.
If ABM has been on your wish list, take a few minutes to explore the new CompassABM website and consider the options that may be open to you.

Want a Better Way to Talk to Your Very Best Customers?

Refactored is proud to offer the tools and services you need to create a customized ABM program that supports the goals of all the stakeholders in your organization.

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