A Positive Outlook: Refactored Honored with 4 Fourteener Awards


Refactored is proud to announce awards in the 2020 Fourteeners competition for our clients Team Run Smart and InteliSecure and for our partnerships with The Marketing Alliance, Colorado AMA, and Sitefinity for our Modern Marketing Leader website.

The annual Fourteeners honors are presented by The Marketing Alliance and the Colorado Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA). Each year, hundreds of marketing professionals in the Rocky Mountain Region compete for recognition of outstanding campaigns, projects, and other work.

This year, during a season of change and challenge, we extend our appreciation for all the marketers who participate and support these organizations. We are honored to be in the company of marketing leaders who are not bound by current circumstances but are always looking to the future.

We're proud of the critical role our team plays when supporting internal agency leaders. The marketing directors we work with are facing unprecedented challenges going to market and managing extended teams, all while still needing to create marketing stories that build the brand and generate results. We’ve always stressed authenticity in client communications, and now we add patience and humility. We’re all in this together. –Rob Bean, Partner

Team Run Smart: Gold and Silver

Building Brand Loyalty and Empowering Users

Team Run Smart
Gold: Corporate Websites up to $75K
Silver: Content Marketing Program Revitalization


Nearly a decade ago, Freightliner Trucks created Team Run Smart, a website that features “real drivers with real advice” about maintenance, business issues, and the trucking lifestyle. The site was a hit.

In 2019, Team Run Smart faced an ironic problem: It had grown to include too much information. In fact, users complained they couldn’t find the content they needed. In addition, new content was needed to address new challenges in the industry.

Refactored’s leveraged multiple tactics to support a content revitalization strategy with two clear objectives: Increase member loyalty by adding personal stories to humanize the relationship and make content easier to find.

The site update reorganized and updated the expert videos and blogs users already love, adding fresh content for professional drivers, women in trucking, and team drivers. We also added information about regulations, events, and trucking trends and news.

As a result of the site refresh, Team Run Smart’s content marketing program has become more effective than ever. The site is promoted at industry tradeshows and in social media, user complaints are down, and the community is invigorated.

The redesign has also helped to boost year-over-year site performance:

  • Pages per session have increased 23.18%

  • Average session duration is up 25.31%

  • Older content saw a pageview increase of 1.77%, with new users consuming 8% more older articles

  • Bounce rate decreased 19.94%

In addition, Team Run Smart provides a unique experience with insights from trucking insiders—something no other site can offer. Freightliner has succeeded in building a true community. The site provides a key channel for the brand to communicate its ongoing innovation efforts and how those benefit drivers, who are often key stakeholders in how fleets choose which trucks to purchase. And when drivers are ready to become owner-operators and purchase their own trucks, they’ll choose a brand they know stands for efficiency, safety, and innovation.

Experience the Refreshed Website

InteliSecure: Silver

Launching a Brand into Digital

B2B Brand Campaigns: $75K - $150K

InteliSecure, a leading provider of managed data protection services, needed to launch a fresh awareness and lead-generation campaign to selected organizations in a new target market. The company had relied on a high-touch, face-to-face, sales-driven model that would not be sustainable because the new audience consisted of many thousands of potential clients.

The opportunity was real, but InteliSecure had to scale its outreach to match the scale of the new target market. They turned to Refactored for strategic guidance and expertise.

Knowing that a cold campaign would not be successful, Refactored created a detailed plan that balanced the development of core branding assets for InteliSecure solutions with the new campaign elements that would be required to support an initial cross-channel digital campaign. We implemented a dual-track work plan—to be completed within a three-month timeframe:

  • Track 1 focused on building a firm branding foundation for communicating the company’s service vision and on developing audience profiles, branding, messaging, standardized design elements, and sales tools.

  • Track 2 focused on creating momentum for the immediate marketing effort by building a tactical marketing plan and six-month blog content calendar, then working with SMEs to deliver regular blog posts, campaign content assets, and promotional pieces.

The ultimate goal was to give InteliSecure the foundation it needed to continue building and maturing its digital marketing program and building its presence in the new market.

The digital approach forged with the help of Refactored—even at its earliest stages—quickly showed improved results.

In the first six weeks, the new program:

  • Drove SQL conversions up 26,000%

  • Forced total cost down 60%

  • Reduced sales effort by 71%

The parallel strategy efforts enabled our teams to accelerate the pace of development and leverage information and resources across deliverables, resulting in the delivery of a substantial set of assets to enable the initial digital campaign and set InteliSecure up for continued success.

Read more about this project.

Refactored: Silver

Giving a Voice to Marketing Leaders

Modern Marketing Leader
Refactored | The Marketing Alliance | Sitefinity 


With decades of experience in the Colorado and Western marketing community, we regularly engage with leaders from other agencies, marketing associations, former clients, and associates. We knew that these individuals and organizations were all facing the same challenge to connect with customers in the face of a changing market dynamic—and that their collective knowledge was the key to providing valuable insights, tips, and motivation to marketing directors across the region and beyond.

We wanted to create a “big tent” experience that would grow our regional marketing community, highlight the important role that marketing plays in the sales processes, and empower marketing directors to think bigger about the impact they could be making as team leaders.

To house that experience, Refactored built a website filled with video interviews and advice from top marketing leaders. We wanted to create content that would showcase what we do best: bring teams together to make our B2B marketing clients look amazing.

We determined that for the Modern Marketing Leader project to become an indispensable resource, we needed to establish it as the voice of marketing leaders with expertise across a variety of industries and channels. The completed site features contributions from our technology partner, Sitefinity, industry groups The Marketing Alliance and the American Marketing Association, and a variety of organizations and individuals with a reputation for leadership, integrity, and success, including enterprise B2B companies, nonprofits, startups, software providers, and others.

These professionals partnered with us to share the issues that they saw facing marketing leaders, and the opportunities they saw stemming from today’s challenges. The dedicated website organizes 90 minutes of video content across issues, impact, and perspectives. We also included a “Get Help” page to make it easy for visitors to connect with our project partners. Finally, we created a social marketing program to promote the site while also hosting several live events to share our insights and findings.

The Modern Marketing Leader website is a unique and effective vehicle for demonstrating how to connect with clients, how to have empathy for their challenges, and how to partner to develop effective strategies to overcome adversity.

We have used many of the points that our speakers shared to reinforce our belief that any team, with the right focus, can find ways to advance its goals by creatively aligning people, process, and technology. We’ve also had opportunities to highlight and discuss the campaign at The Marketing Alliance events and at the Kentico US Partner Summit. To date, we’ve presented the findings to more than 45 agencies as a use case in market research and client connections.

In a world where the average agency awareness program is a noisy, pithy, self-serving distraction, we’ve chosen to use our voice to bring our community together and to celebrate the perseverance and creativity that marketing leaders share with their teams and partners every day.

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