Refactored Media Celebrates 5 Years of Pursuing a Greater Vision for our Clients and Ourselves


Earlier this month, the Refactored Media team marked our fifth anniversary as a full-service, digital marketing agency. We're thankful for the clients who have entrusted us to help them tell their stories and transform their marketing by anchoring our work in customer-focused strategies. For the last 5-years our mission has been the same, we come to work each day to help our clients realize a greater vision and to create tangible impact – building lasting value through effective strategy.

Surviving the first 5 years in business is a big accomplishment for any organization. But, as many small business owners can understand, this time last year we were wondering just what the future would hold for our prospects. Thankfully, we've come through the pandemic with everyone healthy and our organization stronger than ever. We couldn’t have achieved this without our dedicated team of marketing pros, and our clients who continued to seek strategic support on their initiatives – thank you!

Our People Do

As we’ve continued to grow as a company, Refactored co-founder Kile Lindgren and I are constantly in awe of the dedication our team brings to their work each day. And from our first full-time employee - Dawn Cyr - Content Strategist, keeper of the brand message for so many of our accounts - we’ve always focused on attracting the type of people who hold themselves and their work to a very high standard.

With each new team member who has joined Refactored, we’re rounding out a highly experienced cohort of individuals who bring a thoughtful approach to their work. Together we focus on the type of problem solving that answers the needs of the company we’re working with, but always does it with a high degree of personal touch for our direct clients.

As Alicia Beard, Senior Account Strategist, put it, “We purposefully built an agency that doesn’t settle for mediocrity. This can’t be taught - you either have it or you don’t, and our people do.”

Marketing Leadership Drives Results

At Refactored, we believe that marketing has the knowledge to create a powerful customer experience and drive organizational change. We strive to deliver a different kind of agency experience for our customers, one that’s focused on true partnership. With this approach, we have realized successful results on numerous initiatives to…

  • Deliver global lead generation programs

  • Re-imagine what storytelling can look like in an industrial environment

  • Refresh numerous websites with new visuals and critical functionality

  • Helped create a new voice and character for brands

  • Strategically launch new products and services

  • Build and implement new software for client objectives

  • Launch a new business from the ground up in 6 weeks, helping with everything from positioning and messaging to integrating web platforms, creating content and generating leads

As proud as we are of these accomplishments, we’re even more excited for what the next 5 years will bring. We intend to grow our impact by living out our core values every day – always focusing on inventive, effective, and pragmatic approaches to our clients’ challenges.

Refactored core values:

  • Ownership - We care deeply about our work and the impact it will has on our clients.

  • Curiosity - When our team is curious together, we will build bigger and better visions for our clients.

  • Empathy - We connect with people where they are, understand their needs, and deliver solutions that make them powerful.

  • Entrepreneurial - We’re craftspeople, and pursue the ideas that aren’t easy but that create lasting impact.

  • Collaborative - We’re committed to the right and best ideas that produce great results for our clients.

Over the coming year, I look forward to sharing stories of impact that speak to how our values shape our approach to the work we do, and how we’re helping to make a difference for our clients.

Thank you and let's get on with the next 5-years. 
Rob Bean & Kile Lindgren