Silver and Gold: Refactored Wins 6 BMA Gold Key Awards


Refactored is proud to announce that our clients InfinityQS,
Rio Tinto Borates, and DataVerify were honored with awards from the Colorado Chapter of the Business Marketing Association (BMA) in the 2017/18 Gold Key competition.

Refactored was the title sponsor of the BMA Colorado & AMA Gold Key Gala held on May 4, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. The 1920s-themed event showcased the best B2B marketing efforts from Colorado marketers during the past year.

The awards gala was a "spirited" celebration ensuring our honored guests were treated to a fantastic night of fun and revelry. Read on for details about the awards.

Our clients’ projects competed very well against a large number of entries from around the Rocky Mountain Region, where winning submissions must embody not only great design but also must demonstrate a strong business case. - Rob Bean, Partner

Gold Winners


B2B Brand Campaigns: 150K +
Quality Re-Imagined Brand Launch Campaign
Gold Winner: BMA Colorado Gold Keys

Through the Quality Re-Imagined campaign and website redesign, we increased customer engagement with the InfinityQS website and collateral and increased conversions through nurture emails and campaign landing pages. Overall traffic to the website began increasing with the campaign launch, and we saw large spikes in both paid traffic (which we control) and organic traffic from LinkedIn, where we have begun to use highly visual posts to promote our messages and content. Conversions have seen an overall lift since the campaign launched, and time-on-site metrics related to campaign content and pages increased more than 900%. Most important, the company recently announced a 25.2% total year-over-year growth in software sales in 2017—its highest annual sales in company history. Read more about this project.


Content Marketing Program
Annual Content Marketing Campaign
Gold Winner: BMA Colorado Gold Keys

Our Content Marketing Program built on our established customer-centric strategy, incorporating several distinct yet fully integrated campaigns to support the launch of InfinityQS’s new product, Enact, and show its SPC applications and benefits. Building on the initial success of the long-term content strategy that we developed with InfinityQS in the previous year, we saw continued increase in customer engagement, including: site visits of more than 10 times the average length for landing pages that contained Enact-specific videos; overall brand lift of 13.8% (compared with a B2B industry standard of around 8.5%) confirmed by a Google lift study; a 100% rise in open rates, a 266% increase in click-to-open rates, and a nearly 0% unsubscribe rate for nurture (compared to previous email campaigns). Read more about this project.


Lead Generation Program
Leveraging Regulatory Changes Campaign
Gold Winner: BMA Colorado Gold Keys

Refactored created a multi-page landing experience that enabled the company to address multiple goals. The site not only engaged new prospects, it also helped DataVerify communicate an important industry change to its existing customers. In the microsite’s first month, it generated a higher level of lead generation than the company had ever seen in such a short time. CPC for the campaign was significantly lower than the industry average—and in an industry in which each lead typically takes 6 months to a year to develop, the campaign generated a staggering number of leads in its first 2 months. Website call tracking helped the company to verify its return on investment and provided invaluable keyword data for use in future optimization efforts.

Rio Tinto | US Borax

Apps, Tools and Demos - Up to $75K
Boron: Value In Use Calculator   
Gold Winner: BMA Colorado Gold Keys

The Rio Tinto Borates Value In Use calculator, as part of our broader microsite design, helps growers visualize the financial benefits of boron fertilization. As part of the company's overall website redesign, the impact of the value-in-use calculator has been undeniable. Rio Tinto Borates saw a 117% increase in global volume and a 215% increase in volume in Brazil (driven by demand). The company experienced a 123% increase in global revenue and a 243% increase in revenue in Brazil (driven in part by education and web sales tools, including the calculator). Through the calculator, prospective customers gain immediate insight into how boron fertilization can help them increase profits, increasing their ability to make sound business decisions based on their specific crops and acreage. Read more about this project.

Silver Winners


Video – Over 30 seconds
Cloud Benefits Animated Conceptual Video Series
Silver Winner: BMA Colorado Gold Keys

For these InfinityQS videos, we decided on a conceptual storytelling approach, creating an overarching look and feel, with similar color schemes, icons, and animation style. As a supporting piece of our annual content marketing campaign, the videos delivered exceptional results. Landing pages that contain these videos averaged site visits of around 10 minutes, as visitors viewed several videos and downloaded assets. These new elements were also major contributors to overall time-on-site improvements of 900%. As a result, the company was awarded several awards for its product quality and industry expertise, including a 2018 BIG Innovation Award (sponsored by the Business Intelligence Group), a spot on the FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers list (presented by Food Logistics), the ITSMA’s Diamond Award for Marketing Excellence, and a Transform North America Highly Commended Honor for Best Brand Evolution. Read more about this project.


P,O,E Media - $150K +
Annual Digital Marketing Program
Silver Winner: BMA Colorado Gold Keys

After a significant rebranding effort and major product launch, an effective digital strategy for InfinityQS required a multifaceted approach to keyword selection, ad buy, retargeting strategy, IP/keyword matching, customer record matching, coordination of landing page optimization, and testing. The programs garnered significant improvements through application of SEO strategy, search strategy, display advertising, LinkedIn forms, and email nurture. Across the board, the results were outstanding, garnering an overall 21.17% increase in unique organic sessions for the year (37.41% from May to December), total visits (up 15%), new users (13%), time on site (14%), and page visits (18%). We achieved all this—and many other significant improvements—while containing costs. At initial launch of our PPC campaign, we slashed cost per conversion 43% and increased conversions 34%; the SEO program further reduced cost per conversion 13%, for an overall improvement of 56% to date. Read more about this project.