Refactored Congratulates Rio Tinto: A Kentico Top 10 Site of the Month for the Second Time this Year


Refactored is proud to announce that our client Rio Tinto has had its newly redesigned U.S. Borax website chosen as one of the Kentico Top 10 Websites for October 2018.

Kentico selected our website rejuvenation project for Rio Tinto’s U.S. Borax division as one of its standout sites for the month. As a Kentico Gold Partner, we are honored to have our client held up as an example along with top national and international brands.

Refactored’s delivery of this website marks the completion of a multiyear project with Rio Tinto to modernize its communication and messaging through Kentico-EMS based, purpose-driven, customer-centered websites.

Customer-Centered Websites, Compelling Storytelling

Like many organizations today, U.S. Borax has a long history, deep expertise, and a rich set of resources, but much of that value was hidden before. A customer-centered approach brings that value to the surface, allowing site visitors to easily connect to the benefits that the company offers to them.

"The Kentico platform supports dynamic storytelling and provides a flexible platform for implementing any kind of creative or interactive solution that our clients require."

— Rob Bean, Refactored Partner | Marketing Strategist

Following the successful creation of the division’s Agriculture microsite last year (also in Kentico), Refactored set about elevating the form and function of the full Borax site.

We began by integrating the brand’s historic purpose into a cohesive story that ties together Borax products, applications, and benefits.

For improved readability and SEO of pages, the content was taken from buried, static downloads to dynamic ones. We enhanced the visual appeal of the pages and provided easy-to-navigate use cases.

The result is an attractive, easy-to-navigate site with content that has the ability to engage and educate distributors, consumers, and educators.

Take a moment to experience the U.S. Borax website.

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