Second Annual Sales Enablement Benchmark Survey Now Open


About one-third of marketing and sales teams don’t communicate effectively, according to the 2018 Sales Enablement Benchmark Survey, brought to you by Refactored and BMA Colorado. If your organization is included in that figure, it could spell trouble for the success of your marketing program.

As leaders, we need to ensure we are delivering real value to the business. That typically means enabling better, bigger sales. Our annual Sales Enablement Benchmark Survey can help you determine how well marketing is enabling sales—and which areas offer opportunity for growth.


New Topic: ABM

The survey is now live, and takes only about 7 minutes to complete. This rich set of questions will get you thinking about how your marketing efforts are currently enabling sales success. This year, we include questions about account-based marketing (ABM), currently a highly popular sales enablement strategy.

For participating, you’ll receive a free report detailing the compiled results, which will reveal how you measure up to other organizations across industries.

Why Participate?

In return for your 7 minutes—about enough time to really savor that second cup of coffee—you’ll get insight into four of the most pressing challenges facing today’s marketing teams:

  • Sales and marketing alignment. How well do your teams work together?

  • Sales empowerment. Do you provide what sales needs to be effective?

  • Demand generation. Are you providing the quantity and quality of leads that sales needs?

  • Account-based marketing. Are you well positioned to take advantage of an ABM strategy?

Immediately following the close of the survey, we’ll compile the results and send all participants the full report—free.

Oh, and all responses are anonymous; your individual responses will not be shared with anyone.

Need a Little More Motivation?

Be one of the first 20 people to complete the survey, and you’ll receive $10 Amazon gift card. (As if knowledge weren’t enough of a reward!)

Ready to improve the success of your marketing efforts? Take the 2019 Sales Enablement Benchmark Survey today.